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Many Christians' experiences are that they are leaky vessels. Whatever they receive from God soon leaks out, and they have to be filled or healed again. That is not the way the Lord intends the Christian life to be. God's gifts and callings are never taken back (Rom. 11:29). It's never God's transmitter that's broken; it's our receiver that's the problem. That's what this teaching is all about.

Romans 1:21 lists four progressive steps that an individual has to take to diminish what God has done in their life. Andrew uses these verses to show what needs to be done to maintain the freshness of any touch or revelation from God.

Glorify God
The first thing that has to happen to maintain our touch from God is that we have to glorify God. This is speaking of valuing God and what He has done in our lives above everything else.

Be Thankful
Thankfulness magnifies God (Ps. 69:30). It is impossible to glorify God truly without being thankful and it is impossible to be truly thankful without glorifying God. They go hand in hand.

The Power Of Imagination
Few Christians understand just how important their imaginations are. The Hebrew word for imagination literally means, "conception." Therefore, the imagination is the creative part of us. If we don't glorify God and become thankful, our imaginations just naturally become vain.

A Good Heart
The Bible has a lot to say about the heart. Many people recognize that their hearts aren't sensitive to God the way they should be, but they don't realize the connection their hearts have with their imaginations, and their attitudes of being thankful and glorifying God. This teaching will make that connection and give positive steps toward having a more sensitive heart.

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