How To Deal With Temptation

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1 Be Prepared 1:10:17 24.2 MB
2 Who Do You Think You Are? 53:07 18.3 MB
3 Selfishness, The Beachhead Of Satan 1:11:53 24.7 MB
4 It Is Written 57:46 19.9 MB
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Everyone faces temptation. The question is, how do we deal
with it? Judging from our results, most of us would have to admit that we need to
learn more. There's a right way and there's a wrong way to respond when
tempted; there is even a way to avoid temptation. Listen to this series and
learn how.

Be Prepared

There's an old saying, "fail to prepare and you're preparing to
fail." That is certainly true when it comes to temptation. In this
message, you will learn what Jesus did to prepare for His encounter with Satan.
What He did works, and it works every time.

Who Do You Think You Are?

You better know the answer to that question if you expect to be victorious when
it comes to temptation. Every temptation of life, at its core, is screaming the
same question: "Who are you, really?" Answer this question correctly
and Satan becomes powerless. Andrew's clear teaching on this subject will help
set you free.

Selfishness, The Beachhead Of Satan

Satan's options are limited. And when you learn just how limited, your response
to him will be, "Is that all you've got?" He only has three methods
of temptation, and all three are rooted in our own selfishness. When you
recognize his method, your response becomes obvious.

It Is Written

The Bible says that Jesus was the Word, that everything He said is the Word,
and that all power and authority has been given to Him. So, why then did He
quote the Old Testament when Satan tempted Him? For the same reason we should.
Listen as Andrew teaches with clarity about the power in God's Word.

Temptation Is Tied To Thought

In this message, you'll learn how to avoid temptation. If you can avoid it, you
won't have to deal with it. However, what that really means is taking personal
responsibility and adopting a "no-excuse" approach. This isn't a
message you'll want to hear if you're in the habit of making excuses.

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