Lessons From Elijah

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1 A Place Called "There" 1:17:40 26.9 MB
2 The Widow of Zarephath 58:10 20.2 MB
3 Holy Fire 1:18:24 27.1 MB
4 Elijah's Downfall 1:19:04 27.3 MB
5 Elijah's Translation 1:15:16 26 MB
6 Elijah’s Replacement 1:16:52 26.6 MB

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We don't have to learn everything by hard knocks. The Lord said that His dealings with people, recorded in His Word, were written for us to learn by their examples (1 Cor. 10:6, 11). The life of Elijah is rich with examples, both good and bad, of how we are to walk with the Lord. Learn from Elijah’s experiences and see the difference it makes in your own life when you trust and rely on God for provision and protection.

From this teaching, you’ll discover:

-How to see God’s providence

-How to believe God when the natural is against you

-How to deal with self-pity

-The right and the wrong ways to serve God

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