Believer's Authority

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1 We're In A Spiritual War 1:13:00 25.1 MB
2 Who Made Satan 1:18:37 27 MB
3 With Authority Comes Responsibility - Part 1 1:14:38 25.6 MB
4 With Authority Comes Responsibility - Part 2 1:12:22 24.9 MB
5 Law Enforcement 1:18:25 26.9 MB
6 The War Is In Your Mind 1:17:00 26.5 MB

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Do you feel like a beggar pleading with a distant, angry God? Many Christians think God dictates everything, despite scriptures that show God delegating authority to man and how that authority is used to defeat the devil.

In The Believer’s Authority, Andrew challenges traditional legalistic Christianity and provides an in-depth, scriptural explanation of man’s authority, Satan’s authority, and how to apply God’s Word.

This teaching will help you discover:
• where your authority comes from and how to use it;
• how to recognize the spiritual battle and stop being passive;
• the impact of your choices, words, and actions; and
• how to combat the devil’s lies and stand firm.

God has given a tremendous amount of authority to believers in Christ, but the way spiritual authority is taught today has left many Christians feeling defeated and confused. Find out what happens when you start using the power God gave you. Once you realize your spiritual authority, your life will never be the same!

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Believer's Authority - CD Album
Believer's Authority
The Believer's Authority - USB
Introduction to The Believer’s Authority - Booklet
Believer's Authority - Live DVD
The Believer's Authority
Believer's Authority eBook (PDF)
£7, PDF English
Believer's Authority eBook (Mobi)
£7, MOBI English
Believer's Authority eBook (ePub)
£7, ePUB English
The Believer's Authority - Study Guide
Believer's Authority Study Guide eBook (PDF)
信徒的权柄 - The Believer's Authority (PDF)
信徒的權柄 -The Believer’s Authority (PDF)
信徒的权柄 - The Believer's Authority
信徒的權柄 -The Believer’s Authority
Dutch: The Believer's Authority
£12, Book Dutch
German: The Believer's Authority
£12, Book German
Hindi: Believer's Authority
£12, Book Hindi
Hungarian: Believer's Authority
£12, Book Hungarian
Italian: Believer's Authority eBook (PDF)
£7, PDF Italian
Italian: Believer's Authority eBook (Mobi)
£7, MOBI Italian
Italian: Believer's Authority eBook (ePub)
£7, ePUB Italian
Korean: Believer's Authority
£12, Book Korean
We're In A Spiritual War
Who Made Satan?
With Authority Comes Responsibility - Part 1
With Authority Comes Responsibility - Part 2
Law Enforcement
The War is in Your Mind
Norwegian: Believer's Authority
£12, Book Norwegian
Polish: Believer's Authority
£12, Book Polish
Russian: Believer's Authority
£12, Book Russian
La autoridad del creyente - The Believer’s Authority – CD Album (Spanish)
La autoridad del creyente - The Believer’s Authority – DVD Album (Spanish)
Spanish: Believer's Authority
Spanish: Believer's Authority eBook (PDF)
£7, PDF Spanish
Spanish: Believer's Authority eBook (Mobi)
£7, MOBI Spanish
Spanish: Believer's Authority eBook (ePub)
£7, ePUB Spanish
Spanish Study Guide: The Believer's Authority [La Autoridad Del Creyente]

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