Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life

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1 Hell is Real 01:15:55 30.5 MB
2 Salvation is a Gift/Living Sacrifice 01:17:08 31 MB
3 Our Relative Unworthiness / God's Unconditional Love 01:11:01 28.5 MB
4 God's Unconditional Love / Peace of God / God's Word Is the Key 01:17:38 31.2 MB
5 Spirit, Soul, and Body / Speaking in Tongues / Faith 01:15:35 30.3 MB
6 Faith / It's Not All Spiritual / Grace and Faith 01:15:31 30.3 MB
7 Healing / Discipleship / Sovereignty 01:18:25 31.5 MB
8 Sovereignty / Authority / Faith Is Voice Activated 01:15:40 30.4 MB
9 Faith Is Voice Activated / Don't Limit God / Imagination 01:17:41 31.2 MB
10 Imagination / Financial Stewardship 01:17:44 31.2 MB

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Do you struggle with how to accomplish what God has called you to be? What if you could have insight into the revelations that shaped Andrew’s life and ministry? God is no respecter of persons, and if you are willing to receive His grace, there is no limit on how far the Lord can take you.

In Andrew’s teaching Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life, learn how the Holy Spirit can impart life-changing revelation knowledge through God’s Word.

In this eye-opening message, you’ll learn:

• About God’s unconditional love

• How to be a living sacrifice

• The importance of discipleship

• How to take the limits off God

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