The War Is Over

There have been many wars throughout history, and more are yet to come.
However, the most important one is over, and most Christians don't even know
it. Which war could that be? Listen as Andrew explains; it will change the way
you relate to God forever.

Peace And Goodwill

Luke 2:14 says, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good
will toward men." Is this saying Jesus came to create peace among men? If
it is, then He failed. It must mean more. Listen as Andrew explains.

Is Jesus Enough?

Would God send His only Son to bear our sin, becoming sin itself, and then
judge Him without mercy for that sin if His sacrifice wasn't enough? No! Yet,
many Christians believe God is withholding His blessing because of their sin.
It's time to learn the truth.

Once, For All Eternity

If a Christian commits a sin and then dies before it's confessed, will he or
she still be forgiven? That's a question that puts fear in the hearts of many
believers. This message will settle the issue once and for all, and fear will
be gone.

Old Vs. New

Some people live in the Old Covenant of law and judgment, while others live in
a New Covenant of grace and mercy. But since both are in the Bible, should we
be living in a little of both? The answer may change your life.

Seeing It Backwards

Dyslexia is a condition which causes you to see things backwards when reading.
It seems Christians often experience "spiritual dyslexia" when
reading the Bible, and it leads them to many wrong conclusions. However, there
is a cure, and it will change the way you see God.


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