Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Jamie and I are personally not panicked about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We have God's promises that He will protect us, and that's good enough for us.
But it's not only about us.

Andrew’s address on April 20th, 2020:

Still under stay-at-home orders, Andrew updates us on the latest developments in the ministry—including the supernatural favor being shown at this time.

If you need prayer for any reason, we’ve got prayer ministers here who love you and want to encourage you in the Lord. Just call +44 1922 473300. Our Helpline is now open 08:00 to 21:00 GMT, Monday through Friday!

We love you!

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Andrew and Jamie Wommack

Frequently asked questions about this outbreak:

Will Charis Bible College still host their upcoming events despite the threat of Coronavirus?
AWME & Charis Bible College are still planning to host as many of the scheduled 2020 events as possible but are committed to do so in line with up-to-date Government recommendations. This may mean that the event goes ahead in the usual format or that it is modified in some way. Possible modifications may include live streaming, postponement or cancellation.
What is Charis Bible College doing to prepare for upcoming and future events in light of the Coronavirus outbreak?
AWME & Charis Bible College are complying with all current Government public health measures to promote the continued Health, Safety & Welfare of its staff at all levels of the organisation.
AWME & Charis Bible College are also developing strong contingency plans to deliver the events in the best way possible, in anticipation of any potential Government recommendations.
AWME & Charis Bible College are promoting compliance with all current public health recommendations amongst potential event attendees. The current preventative recommendations include:

Prevention tips include:

  • Washing hands thoroughly (20 seconds minimum) with hot water and soap or with 60 % alcohol-based hand sanitiser. See: for effective hand washing techniques
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Refraining from touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Wash hands before & after eating
  • Wash hands before & after handling pets
  • Catch your own sneezes/coughs in tissue and dispose of it in a hygienic manner
  • Sneeze or cough into your flexed elbow joint if no tissue available
  • Initiation of the Government self-Isolation process if you experience possible Covid-19 symptoms. See for details
AWME & Charis Bible College are also working in close collaboration with all venues to ensure a cohesive approach to the delivery of all events.
Below are sources we are referencing as we exercise practical wisdom during this time:
Will attendees be screened at Charis Bible College for fever or other health symptoms?
If people are allowed to gather together in sufficient numbers to allow the event to go ahead, AWME & Charis Bible College will facilitate all precautionary measures recommended to us by the UK Government at the time. At the present time there are no plans to screen individual attendees at our upcoming events. Attendees are encouraged to monitor themselves in line with the measures outlined in question 2 above.
Will there be international participants from infected countries at our upcoming events?
AWME & Charis Bible College will take the advice and recommendations from the UK Government and other authoritative bodies concerning international delegates. They will proceed with great care and diligence to ensure the Health, Safety & Welfare of all attendees, whether delegates, staff, students or volunteers. The specifics will depend upon the nature of those recommendations nearer to the time of the event.
If attendees show symptoms, what will you do?
WWe ask all our attendees to adhere to good health practices and to seek medical attention as needed. AWME & Charis Bible College encourage the implementation of good personal hygiene practices & encourages any event registrant or participant who contracts a fever or other flu-like symptoms to stay at their home or hotel to help maintain the health of all event participants.
Is there a go / no-go date / cut off date for when Charis Bible College will decide to cancel specific upcoming events?
AWME & Charis Bible College are monitoring the situation daily and will make their decisions based upon the best available information and direction provided by government and public health authorities.
Will you be asking people to refrain from handshaking or other forms of contact?
AWME & Charis Bible College encourages each attendee to offer the greeting they are most comfortable in sharing with others, as well as being respectful if others choose to not shake hands or engage in other direct contact as a greeting.
Will you have masks for event participants?
Masks will not be distributed to AWME & Charis Bible College event attendees. Persons wanting to make use of such masks should bring their own.