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Name Location Dates
In God We Trust Performance 2022 USA 4th Jul 2022
Summer Family Bible Conference 2022 USA 4th - 8th Jul 2022
Charis Day Walsall July 2022 Charis Walsall 8th Jul 2022
Charis Exeter Summer School 2022 Charis Exeter 9th Jul 2022
Charis Day Dumfries July 2022 Charis Dumfries 16th Jul 2022
Charis Dewsbury Summer School July 2022 Charis Dewsbury 16th Jul 2022
Charis Day Exeter 2022 Charis Exeter 30th Jul 2022


Name Location Dates
Charis Dewsbury Summer School 6th August 2022 Charis Dewsbury 6th Aug 2022
Charis Dewsbury Summer School 13th August 2022 Charis Dewsbury 13th Aug 2022
Charis Walsall Summer School August 2022 Charis Walsall 18th - 19th Aug 2022
CBC UK 25th Year Celebrations Charis Walsall 20th Aug 2022
Charis Dumfries Summer Healing School August 2022 Charis Dumfries 27th Aug 2022
Charis Day Dewsbury August 2022 Charis Dewsbury 27th Aug 2022


Name Location Dates
Global Ministers Conference 2022 Livestream LIVESTREAM 3rd - 7th Oct 2022
AWM EUROPEAN Ministers Conference 2022 31st - 2nd Nov 2022


Name Location Dates
International Business Summit 2022 Charis Walsall 3rd - 4th Nov 2022