Ministry Events

United States Of America

See below all the events within United States Of America coming up.


Name Location Dates
Campus Days 2020 Colorado 15th - 17th Apr 2020
Abundant Life Event Colorado Springs 24th - 25th Apr 2020
Living Word Christian Center Minnesota 25th - 26th Apr 2020
Don’t Limit God Conference 2020 Colorado 30th - 1st May 2020


Name Location Dates
GOD WITH US - Go on a journey with God Colorado 8th - 10th May 2020


Name Location Dates
Truth and Liberty Coalition Conference Colorado 5th - 6th Jun 2020
Summer Family Bible Conference 2020 Colorado 29th - 3rd Jul 2020


Name Location Dates
In God We Trust Performance Colorado 4th Jul 2020
Kingdom Youth Conference 2020 Colorado 10th - 11th Jul 2020
Chicago Gospel Truth Conference 2020 Chicago 30th - 1st Aug 2020


Name Location Dates
Healing is Here 2020 Colorado 11th - 14th Aug 2020


Name Location Dates
ResLife Church Michigan 13th Sep 2020
Voice of the Apostles Virginia 28th - 2nd Oct 2020


Name Location Dates
Charis Christian Center Colorado Springs 4th Oct 2020
Ministers’ Conference 2020 Colorado 5th - 9th Oct 2020