Donate to Andrew Wommack Ministries

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Give to a fund that directly helps Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe charity to help bring the message of good news and grace to the world.

General Donation

Donations can be used to support all our work, in Europe and the rest of the world, to help millions hear about God's unconditional love and grace.

UK Building Fund

Foundation Builders (UK Building Fund) help with the purchase of and improvements to the Grace International Centre (the home of AWME) in Walsall.

Charis Bible College

Charis Bible College has several campuses in the UK. Your donation provides facilities for students attending to have their lives changed as they sit under the teaching from the Word.

Charis Bible College UK Donation

Help finance the Charis Bible College Campuses around the UK.

World Outreach Donation

Donate towards the World Outreach fund, to help launch and support Charis extension schools until they become self-sustaining. Donations will be used in a variety of ways, including translation projects and conferences.

Charis Bible College Walsall Donation

Help finance the Charis Bible College Walsall Campus.

Charis Bible College Belfast Donation

Help finance the Charis Bible College Belfast Campus.

Charis Bible College Dumfries Donation

Help finance the Charis Bible College Dumfries Campus.

Charis Bible College Exeter Donation

Help finance the Charis Bible College Exeter Campus.

Colorado Donations

These donations get sent straight towards our parent company, Andrew Wommack Ministries International (AWMI).

1K Club Donation

Donate towards the building work on the parking garage on the Woodland Park campus in Colorado. Further information can be found at

USA Foundation Builders

These donations go towards the building work on the 157 acre site in Woodland Park, Colorado. For more information & updates, click here.

Other Projects

Andrew Wommack Ministries has a number of other projects globally that you can donate into.

Translation Fund Donation

Help others access the truth of God's Word in their local language though various translation projects.

GOD TV Donation

Help us keep Andrew's GospelTruth TV program broadcasting on the GOD TV Channel.

Uganda Outreach Projects Donation

Your donation goes to help support general outreach projects in Uganda; including the GospelTruth television broadcast on Lighthouse TV, radio broadcasts, reaching out to the Karamoja region and distribution of teaching materials.

World Outreach French Region Donation

Donations towards this fund will go towards the translation and administration costs associated with making Andrew's teaching available in French speaking regions around the world, including France, Canada and many of the African nations.

Rest Fund Donation

Your donation will allow directors of Andrew Wommack Ministries offices around the world, as well as other missionaries, to take time off to recuperate when needed.

Grace + Faith

Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe hosts the annual Grace + Faith conference, where thousands of people hear the Word of Grace and are set free. Andrew Wommack hosts this event with guest speakers, and it is free to attend.

Grace + Faith Donation

Donate towards the annual Grace + Faith conference held each year by Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe.