God Opened The Doors

God opened the doors

We walked through, thanks to you!

This past year of 2006 has truly been the beginning of our Season of Yes. God opened doors that were previously closed, and we walked through them by faith. We now broadcast to over 50 percent of the homes in the United States with the Gospel Truth, well on the way to my vision of saturating America with the good news by the year 2020.

Overseas our Season of Yes is exploding as well.  We broadcast to over 106,000,000 homes outside of the U.S. on God TV.  We have translated five of my books into eight different European languages and one into Farsi, a Middle Eastern language.

Teaching CD's are also being translated. Later this year, my monthly newsletter will be translated and available on the AWME website. That means that people from many different countries are now able to order audio teachings and books and read my newsletter in their languages. This is opening doors to the heart of people who would never hear this message otherwise.

As we hoped, these open doors have resulted in tremendous growth in every area of the ministry. This growth can be measured in many ways, but it's not the statistics that matter, it's what they represent. They represent the lives of thousands of people who are being changed with the good news. And, they represent the power that faithful partners can have when they join together to accomplish the purposes of God.

Here are some statistics you may find interesting. The number of people contacting the ministry last year increased by 27.2%. We received 6451 incoming phone calls, our web site contacts were up with an 81% increase in our shopping cart orders, and they continue to grow. Our book sales increased by 96.8% with more translations coming this year.

This rapid growth requires that we continue to expand to accommodate and meet the needs of the people throughout Europe and beyond. We need more translators and proof readers, more staff for the help line, especially in European languages, and more space to accommodate and develop the ministry, and these all have costs attached to them. A new web site will be launched in March with people across Europe able to share in the life of the ministry in their own language, a huge undertaking.

Jamie and I cannot do any of this alone. Without your willingness to hear and obey God, this would be impossible. So we are asking God to bless you in a tremendous way because we know that the blessings come to your house first.

So, prayerfully consider helping me complete these projects. You will be helping meet the needs of thousand of people responding to the message of God's unconditional love and grace.

We love you,

Andrew and Jamie

P.S. To help with a gift, go to our donations page, or call our Helpline at 44 (0) 1922 473300.

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