AWME Building Update 3

Dear Friends and Partners,

          If you invited close friends to spend a few days at your home, how would you prepare?

Would you put them in a guestroom where water dripped from the ceiling onto the bed when it rained? Would you ask them to bring extra blankets because the heat wasn't working in that room? Or would you tell them that they would have to heat water on the stove if they expected a warm bath?

Both you and your friends know that your invitation was never about the accommodation. You invited them because you love them and value their friendship, yet you demonstrate your friendship by providing them with a comfortable room during their stay.

The same principle is true in ministry. It is not about buildings and equipment; it's about changed lives. It's about reaching people just like you and as a ministry; we must never lose sight of that fact. The Lord gave His life for people, not buildings and things. Yet we need these in order to serve effectively.

For Jamie and I, the most fulfilling part of ministry is knowing that the Lord is using us to change lives, but even more fulfilling is how He is using the hundreds who have been prepared for ministry by the teachers at Charis Bible College.

We also understand that God is using you. In fact, none of this would occur if you were not responding to the heart and leading of God by supporting this work financially. We can't thank you enough for all that you have done.

          Second Timothy 2:2 says,
"And the things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."

That is the scripture that the Lord burned into my heart early on in ministry and it's the foundation of all that we do through Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe (AWME) and Charis Bible College (CBC).

If there was a way to fulfill that scripture and accomplish the Lord's purposes without facilities and equipment, we would, but that is not possible even with unlimited technology.

We all need friends. We all long for face-to-face communication. The touch of a caring person and the friendship of brothers and sisters in Christ are essential in our Christian life. That requires a place to meet, learn, and fellowship.

In May of 2011, we purchased the building we were using for AWME and CBC. Having occupied the building for several years, we were well aware of its condition. We knew it would need many costly repairs and those costs were reflected in a lower purchase price. Much has already been accomplished, now we are facing the costliest repair of all.

The roof must be repaired before more water damage occurs to the inside of our facility. It can't wait; it must begin now. It's important to treat our students like guests in our home. We need a comfortable place for them to learn the Gospel truth.

The estimate for the replacement and repair of the roof is £118,263. Would you please prayerfully consider helping with this expense? As you do, remember it's not about the brick and mortar – it's about people. The building is just a necessary tool to help change lives.

We love you,

Andrew and Jamie

P.S. Please designate your gifts for "Roof Repair." If the total money received exceeds the cost of the repair, those extra funds will go into the general ministry account.

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