Discover The Keys To Staying Full Of God

How big is God to you? If you're like most Christians, your God isn't as big as He should be. You might not say this out loud, but sometimes you even feel that He's a nonfactor. You struggle to see Him beyond your circumstances. You get derailed when things don't go your way. Sometimes the slightest thing can set you off. God is always the last resort when it comes to your finances, your health, and your relationships. You're moved more by external things than you are by God. These are really an indication that you're not full of God and the things He's done in your life. And it's also the reason you may not feel confident about your relationship
with Him.

If you're going to thrive as a Christian - and not just survive - God has to be bigger to you than anything else. This is the normal life He intended you to live. Now, it's not normal in the sense that it's common, but it's what every believer should be walking in.
Do you remember when God first touched your life? Even if it wasn't a dramatic experience, you remember what it meant to you. The impact of that experience should never be diminished. When God touched my life on March 23, 1968, I had an experience with God that changed me forever. If you've been listening to me for any length of time, you know I refer to this encounter quite a lot. Why? It's my testimony, so I'm going to stick to it! But the truth is, it was real to me. I mean, I felt like I could reach out and touch God. I know I'll never be the same. You might say, "Well, that's because you haven't had any problems like I've had." Believe me, I've had plenty of opportunities to diminish what God has done. My life hasn't been a walk in the park. The reason I talk so much about the experience I had with God is because it's still big to me! It has not lost its impact. I'm still on fire after all these years. I have a relationship with the Lord that's vibrant. And you know what? It doesn't matter what happens, what the devil does, or anything else. I'm going to keep this excitement. I'm going to thrive. You can be the same way.

The Lord spoke to me out of Romans 1 and gave me four keys that I believe will make Him and what He's done in your life bigger so you can have the kind of relationship I'm talking about. Really, these are progressive steps specifically designed to help you stay full of God. You know, you don't go from full to empty overnight; you have to take steps away from what God's done in your life. If you continue along that path, you can get to where you have a reprobate mind and become hardhearted. The good news is, if you take steps in the right direction, you can have a relationship with God that thrives, regardless of
your circumstances.

I encourage you to get my Discover the Keys to Staying Full of God teaching. You don't have to settle for what passes as normal in Christianity. Be intentional and grab hold of these truths, so you can start seeing positive change in your life. I've got this teaching in CD, DVD, book, and study guide formats. Order today by going online: or by calling the Helpline: +44 (0)1922 473 300.  You'll be glad you did!

God bless you,

Andrew & Jamie

Discover The Keys To Staying Full Of God

Many Christians vacation in God’s love, but they don’t live there. Andrew will show you the four keys to staying full of God and the truth of what God’s unconditional love and grace have already provided.

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