What's In Your Hand?

Dear Friends,

The Lord has been speaking to me for months from 2 Kings 4:1-7, and I feel like He wants me to share these truths with you. This is the story of the widow who came to Elisha for help. Her husband had been one of Elisha's students, but his death left her with bills she couldn't pay. The creditors were going to take her two boys as slaves to pay the debt, and she was asking for a miracle.

Instead of Elisha meeting her need and giving her money, he was inspired of the Lord to ask her what she had in her house. She said she didn't have anything but a tiny bit of oil. So, Elisha had her borrow all of the vessels she could and then pour out the little bit of oil she had into those other jars.

This woman had to have faith or else she would have just dismissed Elisha's instructions. Obviously, the tiny bit of oil didn't even fill the one jar she had, much less the others he told her to borrow. The meaning was clear. God was going to multiply the oil as she took the step of faith to take what little she had and pour it out into other jars. And that's exactly what happened! She not only had enough oil to sell and pay her immediate debts, but she also had enough left to take care of herself and her children for a long time.

Praise the Lord! That is awesome! The Lord has been speaking to me that just like this widow, I have everything I need to accomplish His instructions. I just need to take some steps of faith and use what I have.

This led to my calling my top leaders together and asking them what we had that the Lord could multiply. They thought and prayed about this for a week. When we came back together, we had a Holy Ghost time of rediscovering what the Lord has given us. I believe we have some direction from the Lord that is going to make a huge difference in this ministry. And we are working on a number of those things right now. But the reason I'm writing you is because the Lord told me these same things will work for you too.

Our tendency is to look at what we don't have instead of what we do have. Jesus' disciples looked at the multitude instead of the lad's lunch. They thought the I've loaves and two fish weren't enough. But when they gave what little they had to Jesus, He blessed it. What they had cursed now fed the multitude (Mark 6:35-44). Think about this: Even if Elisha could have met this widow's need, that would have been the wrong thing to do. Elisha couldn't be her source. She needed a permanent solution that only faith in God could supply and not just a temporary fix that would come through asking someone for help.

This same problem exists today. People are looking to the government or credit or the lottery or friends for temporary fixes instead of looking to the Lord for a permanent solution to their financial needs. But just as it was for this woman, the Lord has given each one of us something that will multiply when we give it to the Lord in faith.

What do you have that the Lord can multiply? We all have talents, time, love, creative ideas, and so much more that we can begin to pour into others. If you need friends, you can begin to be a friend to someone by just calling them or writing a word of encouragement. If you need healing, be a healing for someone else: pray for others who have the same need that you have, and as you give healing, it will be multiplied back to you (Luke 6:38).

If you need finances, you need to sow finances. Many of you may feel like this widow and think you don't have any money. But you do. We all have money. You can't survive if you don't have any money. It's just that we think what we have isn't enough to give. You think, What difference could my little gift make? This is often people's response to me when I talk about needing millions of dollars to build our Charis Bible College Colorado campus. But just like this widow, little is much when mixed with faith. I believe the Lord is speaking to you through me to take a step of faith and give something. This widow could have easily dismissed Elisha's instructions, thinking, What's the use? If she had done that, she would have missed God's miraculous supply. I don't want you to miss God's blessing by dismissing what I'm saying. What can you believe God for? Surely every person receiving this can believe God for something. Do you have a nickel-per-day faith that would amount to $1.50 per month? How about a dime per day or a dollar per day? Even if what you can believe God for is small, I encourage you to do something.

You can multiply your giving when you give on a regular basis. Monthly giving multiplies over time and increases the harvest you reap. It's like the difference between scattering seed and planting seed in furrows. Planting seed produces a bigger harvest. So does your monthly partnership.

So, as Elisha did, I'm telling you in the name of the Lord that you need to pour out some of what the Lord has given you. If you doubt my motives and think I'm saying this for my own selfish gains, then give to someone else. Give to your church or a charity. But start giving today.

I've been in ministry for nearly fifty years, and I know that the majority of people don't give on a regular basis. We send digital and print mailings to over 284,000 addresses each month, and only about 32,400 are partners. That's less than 12 percent. That means that 88 percent of those receiving this letter aren't partners with us. I'm aware you could be partnering somewhere else, and that's fine. But many statistics that I've seen show that at least 80 percent of Christians don't give on a regular, monthly basis. Therefore, I know that the majority of you probably aren't partnering anywhere. That's why I'm writing you. I believe the Lord laid this on my heart to help you receive the abundance He has provided for you. But just like this widow, you need to do something. You need to act on the word of the prophet. I'm giving you a word from the Lord that He is going to multiply your giving back to you. But you have to give.

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