Healing For All!

Physical healing for our bodies was one of the first and strongest revelations the Lord ever gave me. I've seen thousands of healings, including my own son brought back to life after being dead for nearly five hours. He was stripped naked, in a cooler, with a toe tag on, at the morgue. Jesus raised him from the dead. Praise the Lord!

Healing is a vital part of Christ's atonement, and every miracle shouts out that Jesus is alive and well and still healing people today. The Lord said He would confirm the preaching of His Word with signs and wonders (Mark 16:20). The world needs to see God's power on display and not just hear about what was done thousands of years ago.

With this in mind, we have taken on a new project. We are taking the twenty-three Healing Journey videos that our Television Department produced and are marketing them for the lost - or at least to those who haven't heard the good news that Jesus still heals today. Julieann Hartman, who was miraculously healed through the truths this ministry teaches, has helped us make our version of an infomercial. She starts by talking about an amazing breakthrough that helped her to overcome massive physical problems that cost her $300,000 in medical bills with no improvement. She presents her healing in terms that might lead someone to think, at first, she's offering some new pill or treatment.

She also shares brief excerpts from others' miraculous healings. During this thirty-minute program, the announcer encourages the viewers four times to call in or go to the website to receive their free copy of our booklet, God Wants You Well. This booklet, which has produced healing in thousands of people, has been rewritten with the skeptic in mind. We've changed the wording and the focus to reach out to those who have questions about God and specifically His healing power. We plan on airing this infomercial in the beginning of 2017 on secular television stations. Our media buyer says it's the best infomercial he's ever seen and anticipates a great response. We believe we can use these documented cases of healing to reach out and bring to the Lord people who would never listen to one of my regular television programs. Please pray with us and for us as we seek the Lord's guidance on how to get this out there to the masses.

We will be giving you more information on this as we move forward in this process. Right now, you can go to www.awme.net/preview and use access code well2017 to get a sneak peek of this infomercial and see what I'm talking about. We also believe you could use this new God Wants You Well booklet to reach out to your lost friends or family. It would be a great tool to leave in waiting rooms or other venues where people are just passing time and might pick it up out of curiosity. Be sure to get your copy by calling our Helpline: +44 (0)1922 473 300 or returning the enclosed form. I believe this will touch many lives.

God Wants You Well

In his God Wants You Well teaching, Andrew shares the truth of what God’s unconditional love and grace have already provided, including healing.

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