The Power of a Testimony

It’s hard to tell someone who’s been healed that God doesn’t heal. They already know the truth. That’s why a testimony is so powerful. I believe it’s one of the reasons the Scripture says,
“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony”
Revelation 12:11
It’s your testimony that’s going to cause you to overcome.

You might say, “I don’t have a testimony yet.” Well, “yet” is the keyword. Even if all you have is the test right now, you can still receive the power of a testimony through someone else. I’ve released six volumes of Healing Journeys, which recount how people just like you have received their healings. Their stories are inspiring! I believe you will really benefit from seeing their faith in action (Rom. 1:12). Below are three of the stories you’ll find on the DVDs.

Faith, Not Works

Mike Hoesch didn’t pay much attention to the small sore on his chest. It started out as a minor annoyance - an itch that wouldn’t go away. But after a year, he decided to get it checked out.

He found out it was a malignant skin tumor. A spirit of fear instantly gripped him, but deep down, he knew God could heal him. He turned to God’s Word and searched for things he could do to get God to move on his behalf. But he didn’t get better, only worse. “For the next five years, [the tumor] clung to me and sucked the life right out of me,” Mike shares. “I grew so weak.”

Mike got to the place where he had given up hope when a friend brought him Andrew’steaching You’ve Already Got It! The message resonated with his spirit. Then one day, Mike came across Matthew 21:22, which says, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” It was a scripture he’d been familiar with, but this time, he read it backwards: if you have received, you have believed. That was a revelation for him.

“God had been trying to share with me that when Jesus went to the cross, He purchased my healing,” Mike says. “There wasn’t anything else I had to do but believe and receive.” Once Mike received the revelation of healing, no one could convince him otherwise: “I noticed after about a month, the tumor got smaller. I wasn’t surprised, because I knew I was healed. Within six months’ time, it was completely gone.”

Believing God’s Word over Man’s

Trina Porter didn’t know that Andrew’s teachings were preparing her for a life-ordeath trial. Her husband, Alistair, fell off a roof in a freak accident that left him in a coma. Unable to pray for himself and unable to believe for his own healing, it was up to her to receive for him.
Trina immediately sought God in prayer.“God just said to me, ‘He’ll be all right,’” she says. God’s response to her put her mind at ease, but then she arrived at the hospital. “His head was so swollen and misshapen, he was almost unrecognizable,” Trina recalls. 

The doctors told her that the fall should have killed her husband instantly. She quietly had a conversation with God. “I said to God, ‘You said he’d be okay.’ And God very clearly said to me, ‘And I haven’t changed My mind.’”

Then Trina boldly told the doctor, “You go in there, and I promise you, this will be the best day’s work you’ve ever done.”
It was a long night for both the surgeons and the Porters. As Trina remembers it, she says, “The surgeon came to the door. . . . He was still in all his greens [with] the little mask around his neck.” Trina continues, “He just smiled, and I said to him, ‘Best day’s work you’ve ever done?’ [and he said,] ‘Yep.’” There was no permanent brain damage to be found, and just three weeks after the accident, Al was ready to be released!

She’s Going to Be Fine

God indeed wants you well. But sometimes in order to get well, you have to be willing to look crazy. That’s what happened when Bud Boop dared to challenge a doctor who told him his wife, Gina, had a grade 5 brain aneurysm. “The neurologist comes in, and he examines her and tells me, ‘Once we put the little hole in her head to relieve the pressure from the aneurysm, [there’s a] 10 percent chance she survives that. If she survives that, she won’t come out of the operating room the next morning,’” Bud recalls. “[And I] said, ‘You know, those are great facts, but Jesus Christ has healed her 2,000 years ago.

She’s going to be just fine.’” Bud remembered Andrew saying in one of his teachings that how you start a battle is usually how you finish it. After surgery and spending six grueling weeks in the hospital, Bud was able to bring Gina home, something the doctors said was impossible. But with God, all things are possible!

The power of a testimony is real! When you experience the faith of another, I tell you, it’s contagious. And these stories are just the tip of iceberg. You can watch the complete stories and many more on the Healing Journeys, Volume 1-6 DVDs, which I’m offering as part of the God Wants You Well Package.

The God Wants You Well Package includes all six Healing Journeys DVDs, a USB with over thirty-eight hours of my teaching on healing, the Introduction to God Wants You Well booklet, and the God Wants You Well CD series, book, and study guide. The value of these materials is over £180, but you can get them as a package for £85. To order, call our Helpline: +44 (0)1922 473300, visit our website:

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