BLACK History Month

With this month’s newsletter, I want to cover some material about American history that doesn’t get much attention. These are things you won’t hear in the media or in politics. There are reasons for this, but none of them are good reasons. The absence of talking about these things actually creates another narrative, a divisive one, which is exactly what the enemy wants. He wants to divide and conquer our nation, and he’ll use anything he can to trigger hot buttons if it’ll drive us apart even more. So, it’s important that we as Christians know what God was up to and shed light on the truth so we can stand up for it. We certainly can’t wait for the ungodly to do it for us.

Did you know that there are many heroes in our country’s heritage and that many of them were black Americans?

You might not have heard that in school, but it’s true. In honour of Black History Month, I recently had David Barton and his son Tim on the Gospel Truth program to talk about how God used black people throughout American history to shape culture, religion, politics, and every area of society. They brought much more than just another perspective that people can easily write off or ignore. I really believe that God has raised up David and Tim to be His mouthpiece in this area of America’s Christian heritage. He’s enabled them to amass an impressive amount of Founding Era documentation that is just overwhelming. David probably has the largest private collection in the world. He’s spent years collecting them for public knowledge and education. What a blessing that these things have not been lost to history!

Because God has put David in such a position to gather all these documents, he’s been called upon to testify in front of the Supreme Court. He’s been described by a major organisation as “America’s historian.” His organisation, WallBuilders, has been fighting to restore truth and righteousness in our country for years. Again, these are not things you’re going to hear in many places. God is having to use people like David and Tim to be beacons of truth to help us not be caught up in the fog of confusion and toxicity that is so pervasive today.

One of the men David talked about is Reverend Richard Allen, who was instrumental in starting the first black denomination, called the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was a slave on a plantation in Maryland, and then the First Great Awakening revival hit, around 1730. People started getting back to the Bible, back to thinking biblically. It was an amazing time in America’s history. A preacher came through the town where Richard was and preached to the slaves. Richard, a teenager at this time, got saved and was on fire for the Gospel! When his master saw the change in Richard’s life, he asked him, “Why are you doing all this? It doesn’t make sense.” Richard then shared the Gospel with his master and got him saved! Consequently, the master decided he needed to free his slaves, and he did.

Once Richard was free, he ended up in Pennsylvania and continued preaching, and not just in all-black churches. He preached to thousands of white and mixed congregations. He even got trained in medicine and treated hundreds of people when the yellow fever epidemic broke out in Philadelphia in the late 1700s. That’s tremendous! Richard made such a huge contribution to our American heritage and was used mightily in one of the greatest revivals we’ve ever known. He’s a great example! There are many others. This is just one of the stories David and Tim shared on the program with me. But today, people don’t even know to look for stories like Richard’s. They’re not well circulated. People are being told to focus on negative points in history, or they’re being fed a revisionist history that fits the devil’s plot to divide. It’s just crazy.

So, I want to tell you about materials that will help you see God’s hand at work through America’s history. There are so many heroes and there is so much to tell about them, but it’s not hard to find. You can go to David Barton’s website ( and order from the extensive library of materials he has put together. I tell you, I’m not sure there’s another resource like his on the face of the earth! You’ll be blessed.

I’m also offering an updated version of my album God and Country. It includes my interviews with David Barton in 2009 about America’s Christian heritage, in 2013 about Thanksgiving, and in 2020 about black Americans throughout American history. You can get them on CD or DVD. These are materials I know will be good for you, your Bible study, or for your children. It’s time we started setting the record straight about what really happened in our country. So many people want to respond to the narrative that they hear all the time in politics and the media but feel ill-equipped to do so. These resources will help you. Get them today! To order, go to, or call our UK Helpline at +44 (0)1922 473300.

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