Praise Reports

Praises! Ericom staff got their pay when there was not enough money available. It came in at the last minute. Praise God on high. Thank you for praying.

D.K from Mash, Zimbabwe

A heartfelt thanks for all your free teachings. May God bless you mightly!

A.D from Utter Pradesh, India

I was just so blessed by the teaching on success I decided to give a gift on behalf of our church above my usual giving amount. Within fifteen minutes, someone gave us a huge gift in return. Praise the Lord for some instant returns!

B.C from Essex, United Kingdom

I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

W.M from Lincoln County, Co, Usa

Ian and I would like to thank you for your telephone call to us this morning. Rani from the AWME help line thanked us for our continued support and then asked if we would like prayer. I shared briefly with her of our situation here in Menorca and the prayer that followed was like streams in the desert as the two of us here continue alone to share God's love and gospel of peace in this place. What a timely word of great encouragement especially as only this morning I had been praying for other people to pray with and to fellowship with. Thank you so very much for your care and concern.

D.H from Menorca, Spain

Dear Andrew and Jamie,

Thank you to both of you. We are really blessed for your faithfulness to the ministry that God has given you both. All glory be to God. I am so grateful to God in all the ways he has encouraged me through your teachings which are clear and simple.

God bless you my brother.

G.S from Herts, Uk

Hello, I have asked for prayer regarding my job at the university where I worked for 11 years. They didn't renew my contract this year for no reason. I want to praise God because my contract got renewed again in a miraculous way. I want to give all glory and honor to God. I believe that God is going to restore everything the enemy has stole. Thank you for your prayer support.

S.P from , Oman

The roman-catholic traditions in my country had a grip on my spirit but Andrews' ministry has allowed Christ's light and truth to shine in my heart.

Right believing has produced right living in my life. Its a huge relief to rest on the true gospel!

Thank you Lord for Andrew and ministers of justice like him! Amen

R.G from Puerto Rico, Usa

I praise the Lord for his grace and forgiveness. Thank you for the work my son in law got. Thank you for your teachings. Bless you. Thank you Lord Jesus.

J.F from Avontuur, South Africa

I have experienced growth in every area of my life ever since I started receiving the daily devotionals. Praise Jesus!

I.K from Cross River State, Nigeria

Yesterday six of us met studying God Wants You Well workbook. I used a segment of a video of the testimonies from God Wants You Well package. We prayed for an elderly man who had become a Christian a few years ago. He came with a walker and left to go to a health club to do his exercises. Two days before he had only been able to walk two minutes on the treadmill, yesterday he walked for twelve minutes and then rode a stationary bike. He knows God healed him!

S.H from Mn, Usa

I read Andrew's Daily Devotional regularly and this is not the first time that the topic is very actual for me. Last night my daughter had a nightmare of losing her dad and she was very upset. I was trying to comfort her by telling about angels guarding over us and praying this over us. Today's devotional is about the same topic with Psalm 91 which I was going to read for our children this morning. I praise God for his timely messages that reassure truths in our hearts and for his delivering servants like Andrew Wommack.

B.F from , United Kingdom

Dear AWME I would like to thank my brother John of the call centre, who stood with me at a very difficult time in prayer, when I felt particularly weak. I received prayer for my bleeding to stop and my womb to be completely healed, having had a miscarriage. The bleeding stopped completely two days later, praise be to the Lord! I am healed! Lots of love and God bless you all. Num 6:24-26

J.B from , Uk

I was having neck pain for a few months, it was very uncomfortable. I watched Andrew on YouTube and after the video began speaking in tongues. Then I started to yawn, about 20 times non stop and I realized my neck is loosed and healed. Praise God!

R.C from Bali, Indonesia

I applaud you for your broadcast today 05/05/2014 on TBN regarding You've Already Got It. Thank you for your boldness on speaking the truth, I almost laughed at the things we you were saying! I loved it! Keep on telling it like it is , you have the platform to do it.

G.B from Texas, Usa

The Lord has blessed me supernaturally in my finances. Since 2012 when I became a building partner with Andrew Wommack ministries. My life and marriage has totally changed for the better. Thank you Andrew and may God continue to bless this ministry.

V.R from Mi, Usa

Thank you Andrew Wommack for all your teaching resources on line. You bless me and my friends tremendously. Thanks also for the free booklet "God wants you well" it corrected many wrong ideas I had about whether God wants to heal all of us or not. I tell everybody I know about your blessed teachings. May our Lord keep blessing your ministry and family abundantly.

N.E from Florida, United States

Our daughter, Faith, who was two and a half at the time had seizures and was not able to speak on an August evening. She just stared and was not moving. She was taken to a hospital in Tyler and they did a CAT scan and found a mass bleeding in her brain. As soon as she was in the ER, we contacted the Andrew Wommack help line. The priest was sent in to talk to us. We rebuked all of it! She was taken by helicopter to Dallas children's hospital. She was admitted in the intensive care unit. We kept praying and contacted our church, friends, and the AWM help line. We prayed while they were trying to put a breathing tube in her. She fought them and they were unsuccessful at putting it in. She became so strong. This was Friday evening and by Sunday of the same weekend she was walking out of intensive care to go home! Praise God! She continued to have CT scans and MRIs done. The bleeding mass was still there. By November they had given her a surgery date to operate on her brain. We took her to a church in Louisville that Andrew Wommack was speaking at. He called it out during the service that someone, who was bleeding in the head was healed. Andrew did not lay hands on her that evening. We walked out of that church knowing completely by faith she was healed! At the same service our son was baptized in the Holy Ghost! It was a special evening that we will never forget! We went for the last CT scan before the surgery date and when we had the appointment with the surgeon she said, "there is nothing to operate on!" Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Faith is now 5 1/2 years old. She is healed and healthy!

A.B from Texas, Usa

I have heard about Andrew Wommack for quite some time and even seen him on several Christian television networks. I have never really listened to him until very recently, within the last 2-3 months. Now my life has really been impacted at the revelations that God has given to Andrew Wommack, especially about God's grace. At first it was a real challenge for me because of all my religious teachings and doctrines about God that I was exposed to in church. But I'm glad that I continued to listen without giving up, I see I needed that challenge because it gave me a sense of righteousness consciousness now knowing that God's love for me is not based on my performance but what Jesus has already accomplished for me. Mission accomplished.

J.T from Michigan, United States

I recently had a new baby boy, we named him Nathanael Judah. We subscribe to your email devotional and are so edified by the revelation. On the morning of Nathanael's birth the devotional that we received was about the disciple Nathanael and it truly ministered to me. What are the chances! God is so personal and loving. God bless you as you continue to minister.

M.K from Fl, United States

I thank you and your team very much for praying with me late last year. I was experiencing financial difficulty as a single parent and asked for prayer. Your ministry sent me some scriptures on the promises of God. I read and studied them constantly and trusted God. Today I praise God because he has made a way for me to earn extra finance through an opportunity I got a few weeks later to teach an IT class. I didn't just get one but two different classes. Praise God. Thank you for praying for me. May God continue to bless your ministry and be a blessing to others.

L.P from , Grenada

You were one of the first television ministries I watched years ago. Since then God has really changed my life around and I have passed your teachings onto my daughter. I thank you and and God for sending us to you when I was in trouble. You have changed my way of thinking and shown me how God's Word is real and who I really am in Jesus' name. Thank you and may God keep blessing you.

D.R from Chicago Heights, Il, Usa

Hey there my name is William and while I was down at the gospel truth seminar in Phoenix 2013, I got prayed for for the manifestation of the healing of my knee - I blew it out a couple years ago and tore all the muscles and ligaments in it. I couldn't walk and when I was putting pressure on it I had to wear a brace.

Since the meeting I'm back playing sports on it and having full movement on it and not even wearing a brace. Praise Jesus and thank you Andrew Wommack for all that you have done for me, your ministry and team has been such a blessing and has changed my life completely around.

W.W from Sask, Canada

I have been following Andrew Wommack on Twitter since I have had a smart phone. His daily devotional is awesome, blessing and improving my relationship with Christ. I have a better understanding on what grace is all about and better than ever realized that it's a 'relationship not religion' that God desires. Thank you.

A.O from Lagos, Nigeria

I would like to thank firstly God for giving Andrew the understanding that he has and secondly Andrew for his obedience to his calling. My uncle was the one who encouraged me to listen to Andrew, long story short but I went through severe financial turmoil in my life and was taught that it was God doing that to me, where the problem actually was in my understanding that God wants me to prosper and will give me favor, wisdom and understanding to do so, I am prospering now, a 360 degree turn around praise God and I believe it is only going to get better from here! I also have changed my beliefs concerning healing as I am one of the many that were taught that 'if God wants you to be healed then he will' and this is contrary to scriptures. Thank you again, keep teaching and I am sure to keep listening! Regards rowan

R.V from South Africa, South Africa

On the 1st of January 2014 I was asking God why I wasn't healed, like I have been so many times before. I felt led to request my husband to pray and that I believed I would be healed.

I had a Esophagus disorder and felt like strep throat, and dry and tight since last April when I was given medication that I was allergic too. Immediately all the pain ceased and all un-comfortableness left. The very next day at the speech therapist, they recorded my voice and it was almost perfect. My next appointment they recorded and my voice was absolutely normal, where before it sounded like it was laryngitis.

Praises to my Lord. My husband and I attend Charis Bible College in Ontario, California. I have many testimonies of healings in my own body such as Fibromyalgia, Severe Osteo Arthritis, Cancer, and this latest report.

S.D from Calif, Usa

Andrew you are really a blessing. I have started following your teachings on healing, better way to pray and taking the limits off God. It has really opened my mind and whenever I have a question in my mind I come across a teaching of yours which is the exact answer of my question. God speaks to me through your teachings. Praise the Lord.

R.G from Maharashtra, India

I called Andrew Wommack Ministries for prayer for my newborn grandson. They thought there may be some serious health issues, and did a bunch of tests, but they were all negative and he's growing fine.

Thanks be to God!

C.M from Ohio, USA

I had written yesterday about my back (disc prolapse) condition.

Today I have almost fully recovered and even went to the gym!

Praise the Lord for His grace. He is our Jehovah Rapha. Thank you so much for standing in prayer with me.

L.S from Tamilnadu, India

I thank God for His Love. I lived a hard life full of stress and depression. But after the revelation of His Love through AW Ministries I became a new creation with a new heart in the name of Jesus Christ. I am able to Love God, others and myself. I am always happy and joyful.

God bless you Andrew, Jemmy and all AW ministries staff. Have a Merry Christmas and a Productive 2014. I love you! Special thanks to my friend Panorama who introduced me to Andrew!

U.L from Rwanda, Rwanda

This ministry has and is a blessing to my life. Your audio messages are like coffee for me each morning helping me to fellowship with the Lord. I discern nothing but truth in all that I have heard from you. God Bless you!

S.O from Lagos, Nigeria

God has saved my son. He is set free from drugs, has a job and a place to live. It is only by the grace of our God this has happened.

E.L from Florida, United States

Going deeper with God - fantastic teaching at the Minister's Conference in Warwick. So grateful to learn more about positive imagination and hope being greater than faith. Beautiful worship too, and nuggets from Bob. Praise God for His presence and thank you team for a great job!

M.P from Suffolk, UK

My husband and I are currently pastoring a small congregation on a farm close to Mossel Bay.

We started studying through Charis Bible College in May this year. My husband grew up in a very legalistic church and for years suffered with condemnation. After we started about 2 months into the studies The Lord
set him free completely using the revelation that Andrew taught. Praise the Lord I am so excited to continue.

Thank you soo much for your obedience!

L.B from Mossel Bay, South Africa

I just want to thank God for how He's using you and your team to bless people like us through His Word (our savior Jesus Christ). My way of thinking - my perspective about the world - has gradually changed.

I now understand what it means to be truly born again. All thanks to God.

O.A from Ashanti Region, Ghana

I've been fighting depression and always had a screwed image of God for a long time. My image of god was so screwed up, that I thought Jesus came and died for me, but he did it for the glory set before him.. probably some sort of high position in heaven or something.

I never really believed God loved me, because it was really stupid for me to think god would make dolls of clay and then go and die for it. But thanks to God TV and Andrew Wommack I was able to really believe God loved me even a little. But then God TV went off the air.

Really Really thanks to all your audio MP3 downloads on your website, which helped me to remember all the scriptures and bring me back to the revelation of God's love and grace. I really wouldn't be where I am right now without that revelation of God's love. I'm still learning it though and still renewing my mind. Thanks a lot.

R.P from Madurai, India

I have known in my heart for a very long while that my life will never be fulfilled without complete supernatural relationship with Jesus.

Now, thanks to your teaching and my teacher, the Holy Spirit, my relationship with Jesus is progressing from glory to glory and I praise God!

You'll see me one day. I know God has some work to do in this through me, and it's just the beginning. Thank you for obeying God, Andrew. The fruit of it is changed lives!

C.M from Dekalb, USA

Got a call Thursday while off from work from hour. They are doing away with my department at work. They gave us all 60 day pay with benefits and an additional 30 days pay plus vacation that will take me to the end of the year. I have a face to face interview in the morning at 9am. I asked for prayer that I would get this job. I wanted it. I knew I already had it according to Andrew :)

And Praise God, I was hired Tuesday at the Bank. Got laid off the previous Thursday. God was so good. I was given three months pay and benefits. I start new job on Oct 22.

L.G from USA, USA

I have had this constant pain on my little figure for over a year. After seeing 3 specialists, It was agreed they would do a small surgery to remove a small bone growth. I came for the Grace and Faith Camp meeting at Telford.

After looking at the prayer ministers, In my mind, I saw one that "looked" spiritual. So I made my way to receive prayer from him.. But one of the ushers stopped me and directed me to one that "looked" less spiritual.

It turned out that he had a similar problem but has been healed. He prayed for me and there was no instant healing. But I went away confessing I was healed each time I felt It was a long time before I noticed that all the pain was gone. I don't feel ANY pain on that finger.

Praise God!

I.H from London, United Kingdom

I am very pleased to report I have had a breakthrough. I have interviewed and have been accepted for training on the job. After 2 1/2 years of unemployment I am working. I look forward to see what the Lord has for me.

I can't wait to see what he has for me next. Thank you for all your prayers. I truly believe in intervention on one's behalf and I have been a recipient of that intervention. Thank the Lord, thank you, and thank everyone who prayed on my behalf. Thank you and God Bless you all.

P.W from Oakland, USA

A friend of mine helped me by letting me borrow her DVDs and it is changing my life. I been seeing a big change and so have others. I have been attending this friends bible study and recently she said she couldn't have it any more at her house.

So I took over at my house now and she came with a couple other women and we watched your DVDs on the Holy Spirit and we have a good discussion.

Thank you for making it so easy to get this material. I praise the Lord for Andrew Wommack and his teachings. Hallelujah for our King Jesus!

D.W from Montcalm, USA

When Andrew Wommack came to Uganda in 2008, my sister took me for the conference. I believed God for a healing from Asthma. Well, i don't think I really believed because each time I went out for a jog, I used my ventolin inhaler.

Last week however, I forgot! And on the way, I remembered and went 'Ooh Oh!' - Instead of getting into a panic, I calmly said "Lord, by your stripes I was healed. I confess that healing and receive it in Jesus' name right now. Satan I paralyse your power over me and kick asthma out of my system now."

Saints, I jogged all the way and reached home fine! No wheezing even to the next day! Praise God! Thank you Andrew for the simple message of healing and the daily devotions you send me. My God richly bless your ministry!

N.O from Kampala, Uganda

I am so thankful for your ministry. I've learned more about God's true nature from your teachings than all the ten years I've been saved. Thanks to your awesome teachings, I now have a relationship with God that has surpassed anything I've ever experienced in my life. I play your messages daily. I'm growing more and more in the grace of God and his unconditional love toward me. Your teachings have opened my heart to receive God's unconditional love and as a result, God used me to lead all my four children to the Lord for their salvation, their ages are 20,13,10 and 5. I thank God the father for you Andrew and I pray continued blessings in your life. You are truly preaching the gospel truth!

E.H from Illinois, United States

Dear Brother Andrew Wommack, I thank God for you - your teachings really inspire me to have a closer walk with God everyday.

Last Month, my nephew (Joy - 8 months old) had a high temperature 107 F, he had fits and his eye-balls have gone upwards and the baby was not moving. My sister called me to pray for the baby and I could hear her weeping. Those were the symptoms of last stages of life.. the baby was about to die.

I heard in one of your teachings that at a critical stage like this - "Do not confess your unbelief and hinder the flow of God's Healing Power." As I prayed God was repeating the same to me and told me not to confess my unbelief in such a situation. As I started to pray in tongues God spoke through 2 Kings 19:32-34.

God says that "The king of Assyria (sign/symbol of death) will not enter the city gates. He will not shoot an arrow here... by the same way he came, the same way he will return. For I will defend this city and will save it for my sake and for the sake of David my servant."

The Word of God was so strong: especially the words "I will defend this city and will save it." As I prayed God interpreted these words for that current situation. God said that he would defend the baby (The city) and will save the baby from death. I told my sister over the phone that God will heal the baby and he would be totally fine.

God was true to His Word. Jesus Healed the baby and he is alive today and in perfect health. All Praise and Glory to Jesus Christ.

P.V from Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

I am very grateful for the privilege of receiving this devotional every morning. They are a great blessing and inspiration. I love the depth of teaching, it is always made precise. I am closely following the new topic highlight "laws of faith". I am looking forward to learning this and practicing them in my living. Thank you.

L.A from Lagos, Nigeria

Praise be to God almighty! I am pleased to share with you all the wonderful things the Lord has done in my life through the this ministry. You made me grow spiritual and I enjoy all the words you share with me from the scripture, its as if you know my needs everyday. May this ministry be blessed and all those who take their time to meet needs of different people spiritually. God bless you so much!

S.O from Western,kakamega, Kenya

I would just like to say how much I appreciate my daily dose of gospel truth , and to say a big thank you to Andrew. I am learning so much through these teachings and growing up in my Christian faith as a result. Andrew is so easy to understand and you just know he has the anointing of the Holy Spirit. May he and all at the ministry continue to bless and be a blessing to us all who have ears.

M.F from Waterford, Ireland

I must say that I am so thrilled about the life changing messages I've heard and have been touched to such a great extent. My dad has been impacted in a great way and has left his former superstitious beliefs and life style. Not only that, my own life has been so impacted. The teaching on anger management and the tongue has helped me completely transit from losing my temper and the teaching of spirit soul and body has so impacted my life that I am pressing towards it and am also sharing it in my local church which is blessing people here as well. Amen

P.J from Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I am blessed and inspired by Andrew Wommack's messages. I have been a minister for years but I never knew the gospel from the grace perspective until I came in contact with Andrew Wommack's messages and article on the internet. I have since stopped trying to please God, I now know that God loves me the way that I am. I want to thank you Andrew.

B.K from Edo, Nigeria

Hi Andrew, I was watching your programme this week on God TV about faith filled words and at the time was very sick after getting a bad chest infection after an operation in the area. I had been praying to God for healing and when I realised the truth of the Word from your programme I spoke to my "mountain" and told my body to heal, I told sickness it had no place in me as it is written that "by his stripes I am healed". I rebuked the infection and commanded it to leave and spoke continuously to my lungs telling them to heal and within 36 hours I felt better than I have in the last two years! Glory to God and thank you Andrew for helping me to realise the truth which is written in the Word for us! I am so happy and so joyeous thank you so much! I feel so alive inside and I feel committed to your ministry now, I want to partner with you so that you can reach others just like me. God bless you and your family and your ministry.

L.S from Hampshire, England

About 4 years ago my husband and I felt we needed a refreshing and we traveled to South Africa to attend a pastors and partners conference, and that was where the Lord led us to purchase Andrew's 'Spirit, soul and body' study guide. We came back home and spent days studying the teaching manual and that transformed our lives. We put a group of our friends together to study together with them so we could share the good treasure we had found. It has been marvelous indeed. Since then we have purchased almost every teaching manual and continue to study together, walking in the truths revealed to us and above all sharing God's goodness with others. The Lord is indeed awesome. We have triumphed over diseases, sickness, wrong attitudes and mentalities and we just see the Lord revealing himself more and more to us. I went further to attend a partners conference in UK, taking along my friend and her husband - it was awesome! Their marriage relationship was healed and they believed God for healing for her husband's condition. My husband and I intend to attend Charis Bible College as soon as we can. Andrew and Jamie, God bless you for allowing God to use you to transform our lives. We are reaching many in Ghana, Accra. Praise the Lord!

M.Q from Tema, Ghana

A while ago I have asked the ministry to stand in agreement with me regarding the issuing of my Irish citizenship. On Friday the 1st of March I had a phone call from the office of the Department of Justice and Equality giving me the good news that the minister has approved my application for citizenship. After two long years I have received my good news. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and your goodness, this is all because of what you have done. I give you alone all the glory, honour and praise. Thank you so much for your prayer support.

E.P from Co Kildare, Ireland

Andrew, while watching your program on the satellite channel in busselton, I suddenly realised that the malaise which had come upon me over the last few days was actually caused by me allowing myself to believe I was sick. As you taught "speak to the problem in Jesus name" and I did likewise, immediately the malaise backed off and I began to praise God for his many blessings in my life and the life of my family. Joy, gratitude and praise welled up in me as I spoke to the problem in his name and saw him deal with the issue in his own beautiful and glorious way. I praise God for the gift I have in Jesus and his salvation.

D.M from Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

I lost 6 members of my family to death due to different types of diseases. The Lord lead me to Andrew Wommack ministries through TV. The first teaching that I bought was You've already got it', I drank it like water and I am bold to say I will never be sick in my life again. I woke up one morning with a hard lump in my breast. I informed my husband who witnessed it. I was not moved, I did not even pray about it. I waited till the next day when I was alone. I praised God for giving me authority to cast out devils and to heal the sick. I the focused on the lump and uprooted it and cursed its roots and commanded them to die and never to return. I told the lump who's temple my body is. I am a nurse by profession and I knew what that lump was. I started praising God, thanking him for what those stripes have done for me, guess what, in less than a week it was completely gone. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

M.S from United Kingdom, England

Hi! I'm from Panama and I just wanted to let you know that it has been a blessing for me to hear your teachings everyday through the daystar channel online. I'm praying for you and your ministry Mr. Wommack! Have a blessed day!

A.R from Panama City, Panama

Thank you for this lovely devotional! My friend forwarded it to me! So good to start the day right with God!

P.B from Bedfordview, South Africa

Dear brother Andrew, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful faith filled teaching that you bring to us each day here in India through your broadcast via God TV . It has impacted my family & my life tremendously. Recently we completed reading you book God wants you well which we purchased from your ministry branch in India, it has revolutionized the way we view healing now & we feel physically stronger each day. Thank you once again.

L.P from New Delhi, India

I have listened to Andrew Wommack's six tapes of You've already got it and it has opened my spiritual understanding. I thank God.

K.R from Botswana, Botswana

Thank God for your prayer ministers on your prayer line. They are a blessing and truly have the love for people.They prayed for me during the loss of my brother who committed suicide in July of 2011. It helped me to see the goodness of God in a such a difficult time

M.M from Floyd, Usa

Awesome clarity on key and difficult issues! Keep up the good work!

D. from West Midlands,, United Kingdom

I rededicated my life to Christ in the past few months. I was left after a life of great abundance materially and over the past few years have seen it all pass away. My life of greed and great sinfulness has now passed. Glory to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ! I have been isolated from all family friends and connections in my life and as a result I turned to God. I just started reading my bible and was getting along and then one day I stumbled upon (or rather the Lord led me to) AndrewWommack.Org

I first committed my life to Christ in 1982 and then quickly fell away to pursue my own desires. I have always had certain unanswered questions and.. Let me now say I have had so many answers through reading the teaching and watching the videos of Andrew. I just can't say enough how this has completely turned my life around! One January 15th I started out with a borrowed car and less than $600 in my pocket. I was determined to give my 1/10 tithe to a church somewhere. I drove and drove and came upon a pentecostal church and knowing the service was half over I went in anyway.

When I got inside a young man was giving an account of his ministry of bringing all churches together to witness to a large local university. When the service was over I approached this young man and after a brief conversation handed him $60 with my eyes filling with tears as I have forgot what a blessing it is to give and even more so when you have so little.

As I write this I can hardly see for the tears that keep welling up in my eyes that I realize even for a sinner like me that I can be forgiven and now have a chance to bless others with my blessing. As Andrew taught in one of his videos when I get to heaven how many people will have been touched by my little gift of $60. This young man has a newborn and he and his wife just looked amazed at such a little gift. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry Andrew. Thank you so much for your no nonsense approach to the word of God.

B.W from Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your teachings on the good life channel. I've learned so much from you and sometimes just listen to repeats on other channels just to listen to your calming peaceful manner. You are the only broadcast my teenage son doesn't turn his back on. He has complimented your teachings and finds you to be very realistic and down to earth. Bless you.

E.L from Marion, Fl, Usa

I suffered from fribromyalgia for 13 years and arthritis was diagnosed in my early twenties. I believed this was from God and he would use it to bless me and others. I began to listen to other teachers and listen to Andrews teachings on authority and God wants you well and it all began to make sense to me in a very new and practical way. I realised that I did not have to be disabled but that Jesus had already paid the price and I am healed. Cutting along story short, God healed me of the fibromyalgia and I came out of a wheelchair after 13 years. Two years later, when I realised that he wanted to heal me completley, my arthritis went and within five minutes I was running up and down stairs, walking without sticks, it was amazing. I thank Jesus every day for the miracle that took place, that he opened up my eyes and spirit to know that his will is always for us to be saved, healed and made whole in Jesus.

I.S from Wirral, Uk

My husband and I are seeing people saved, healed and delivered by sharing Andrews teaching with them. Thank you for clear teaching which opens up the word of God for a greater revelation of life changing truth. God is good!

C.C from Bedfordshire, England

Hello there, praise the Lord Jesus. Andrew and Jamie and the blessed people at AWM we love you and appreciate you. Thank you for everything you share and for the word that has transformed our lives. We love you. I have been blessed by God's word. Its exciting to get to know God through his word. My relationship with Jesus is more fulfilled than ever, I stopped being a yo-yo Christian. People are no longer a problem, instead I am a blesing to others. God's love is real, its amazing and his truth makes us free. Andrew and Jamie and AWM you are blessed, we love you and thank Jesus for his love through you. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

R.B from Kampala, Uganda

I thank God every day for the gospel truth programmes which have transformed my life. I've been a Christian for 25 years but it was listening to Andrew teach on the balance of grace and faith earlier this year that gripped me and made me realise that I had been believing a false gospel.

I realised that wrong thinking and a miserable performance mentality when it came to being accepted by my father had prevented me from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised. Well that is now history and now I know 100% that i've been set free by the truth. I have a greater passion for Jesus now than ever before and my family and friends are wondering what's happened !! Thank you Andrew for teaching the good news so clearly and with authority. God bless you.

F.S from Essex, England

I have been born again for 28 years and although my walk with the Lord has been semi- fruitful I didn't realise that there was so much more until I came across your TV programme a couple of years ago. What a difference your ministry has made! You are the most balanced preacher I have ever heard (not majoring in just one aspect of God but sharing revelation from OT and NT which always complement each other) if it were not for you Andrew my daughter could not have received her healing from a 'nervous breakdown' last year during her 2nd year at university, she was 5 hours drive away from our home and by the time I arrived she had already been hospitalized she remained seriously ill for 6 weeks. I was staying at her digs and all alone except for my bible and your books during that time I had no other Christian to encourage me and stand in agreement with me for her healing, I stood on what I knew (through you) that healing was hers already even though the doctors said they had never known a psychotic episode last that long and she was not responding to any drugs. I thought well I believe, Jesus believes, God the father believes and the Holy Spirit believes that makes 4 in agreement plus I had the written Word too! One day while at the hospital she had a brief moment of clarity and looked me straight in the face and said 'mam, no weapon formed against me can prosper!' how wonderful! I wasn't about to throw in the towel now! She was eventually transferred to a hospital nearer to our home and spent another 6 weeks there and steadily improved and then was allowed home, now I can say that she is healed! She has recovered so remarkably well that the doctors wanted to do a case study on her! Andrew, I dread to think what could have happened if I was still believing the way I used to, that somehow God was allowing it, thank you! Thank you! For showing me the truth! I praise God for you and know that he continues to bless you, your family and your ministry.

A.G from Gwent S. Wales, U.k.

I thank God for Andrew Wommack. Jesus is using him to greatly affect my life. I love his website, there is good news found on both and www. I have bought almost all his e-books, I have watched loads of free broadcasts, I have downloaded loads of free mp3 messages and I listen to them on my laptop. When I listen to Andrew teach the word of God, its like a breath of fresh air and some things I did not understand become crystal clear! I really love the message about financial stewardship! I had never heard someone talk about finances like that before! I am very proud to be a partner of Andrew Wommack ministries and I will always be a partner of this ministry until I go to be with the Jesus 90 years from now! Thank you Jesus for Andrew Wommack!

M.K from Hampshire, England

I praise God for his servant Andrew, I listen to his teachings through his CD teachings and my attitude is really being transformed. I was listening to Christian Philosophy, and my mind just flipped - God isn't' the one that hinders one from receiving but its our attitude that blocks us from operating the full manifestation of the power of God. My mind is now sensitive the the things of God. I have the mind of Christ. Thank you so much for the work you are doing, praise be to our Lord God for his mighty works.

A.K from Mombasa, Kenya

Some time ago I submitted a prayer request for the wife of a workmate who was severely ill with bowel cancer. The last news I heard was that she had made a good recovery. Praise the Lord.

T.K from Galway, Ireland

I came across the GospelTruth television program on God TV and instantly I had a liking to what you were saying about the gospel. I knew it radically at a higher level than what I have been listening all along, and I have to to tell you that your teaching from the word of God has saved me a lot of trouble and I praise God that it came in right time.

S.C from India, India

I bless God for this devotional. It has brought so much illumination of the shared Word to me. May the light of his countenance continue to shine on the writer in Jesus name.

A.K from Lagos State, Nigeria

Thank you Andrew. I tuned into your broadcast the power of the cross quite by chance on Wednesday 22/11/11. Of course, I know this was no chance meeting. I was so moved by the simple and everlasting truth of what I was hearing: that Jesus is my Lord and savior. Thank you for encouraging me to seek my Saviour because my love of Christ has been lifelong and unconditional. I know and have always known the sacrifice he made for me on the cross - it is that personal! I read Romans 10:9 after the broadcast ended, just as you asked me to do. Of course, the miracle happened. By placing Christ Jesus through profession at the centre of my life that very day I knew that life with my redeemer will be a journey always shared. I have been peacefully (and joyously!) reading the holy bible since Wednesday and marveling at the miracle of miracles: my Lord and king and Saviour, Christ Jesus. Thank you Andrew so much once again. You encouraged me to take that step on the joy-journey to all that Christ can teach me. I am fully listening!

S.C from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

A friend gave me Andrews book 'You've already got it' (So quit asking for it!), I was so depressed and I didn't know what to do because at the church I go to we are taught that you have to fast, walk in righteousness, pray a lot for God to do something for you. I had done all that but I was still getting horrible nightmares no matter what I did.

After reading that book I realised that Christ had paid for everything and there was nothing more I could do to make God do anything new. I understood that it was not about my works. I got peace and 4 weeks after that I was in my friends back garden reading Andrews book 'Spirit Soul and Body' - Somehow I felt compelled to pray because of what I was reading. I begun speaking in tongues and up until now those tongues have never left my heart its like I can speak them anytime I want to. Thank you so much Andrew and may God bless you.

A.T from Makindye, Uganda

I was searching for a deeper relationship with God but did not know how to go about the thirst that I had. I was born again, spirit filled but felt so opressed and afraid and insecure.

One day, when I was in office, I made a desperate prayer to God and I told him that I had come to the end of myself and needed to begin a journey with God. I had a voice tell me, go to Andrew Wommack's website.

I had seen him on TV but did not know he had his teaching free on his website. When I visited the website, the word being preached has really blessed me and my family. I always look out for the word and it has really changed my life.

H.N from Kampala, Uganda

I have wore glasses since I was 7yrs old and on October 31st 2011 they broke off my face and God healed my eyes.

I can see . I am now 54yrs old! I was in bondage to glasses for 47 years. I am free!

D.C from 8800 S. Harlem Lot 1115, Bridgeview,illinois. 60455

AWME blesses me so much, i've really grown in my christian walk since I started to listen to GospelTruth on God TV. I'm relatively new in this christian walk as I was saved in may 2011 and your teachings about the gospel have really helped me grow.

Being a former drug addict (I did all drugs under the sun) and living a life of crime, listening to Mr. Wommack talk so highly of God's love and grace keeps me going. I've seen so many people start this journey passionately only to fade away within a few months. I really dont want to go down that route. I don't think I would survive disappointing God. Thank Andrew Wommack ministries for allowing God to use you, you have changed my perspective on many life and religious issues. Continue the good work.

M.M from Durban, South Africa

Andrews teaching have been quite inspiring, my life has been totally transformed, i am now experiencing the supernatural world like its normal,being so built up in faith that nothing can shake me. The holy spirit is so real to me, that when I need help I talk to him and he directs me just as though its normal.

One day my toilet tap was broken and it refused to close. I tried wrapping it with a rubber band and it still wouldn't close. My mind clicked that God is involved even in the little things, and I began to ask God to help me close the tap. It didn't, and I got so frustrated but I kept believing that my God is a good God and I kept saying it because the enemy was busy giving me negative words. I rebuked the enemy and said that my God is faithful, then the Holy Spirit just spoke and told to go close the main tap which is in the bathroom. It was not me I heard his voice. I thank God that he wants his children to walk with him, talk to him and experience him.

A.K from Mombasa, Kenya

I got diagnosed with diabetes in early march of this year but thanks to the teachings of Andrew Wommack on God's word.. I can confirm that I am fully healed and very healthy.

It's now october, God's word works! Praise his holy name forever. Keep doing what you are doing because you are really changing lives all over the world.. May God continue to bless and supply all your needs. I love you brother.

D.I from London, United Kingdom

I thank God for his servant Andrew and the teaching he has taught that has made the word come alive and practical - He has made us understand it very clearly. Now we know that every circumstance has a solution right there in the bible and it's up to us to use the word.

Now I have become a normal christian, I am still learning how to pray effectively, and doing the things christ told us we shall be able to do. I laid my hand on my son for he had recurrent mouth thrash, and it was gone. Then my husband noticed some symptoms came back again, and I told him that he must have not brushed his teeth, still believing that he was healed.

Since then his mouth has been totally healed. There is power in the tongue!

A.K from Mombasa, Kenya

Thank you Andrew for being obedient to the call of our Father. The Lord has used you to change millions of lives and there is more to come.

Your messages have transformed me and I can boldly say that I will never be the same again because the truth abides in me. Thank you for the revelation knowledge of God and thank you telling the world the truth of God as it should be.

V.A from Kent, England

I never knew being a christian could be so exciting. I am set free by Andrew's teachings of grace and faith, speaking to the mountain, taking authority as well as knowing that it has already been done.

In our cell group holy spirit has been giving me boldness I jump at a chance to pray for the sick and for my fellow brethren to be baptized in the power of the Holy Ghost and we're now practicing operating in the gifts of the spirit.

The gospel is now real to me, I have become alive its an honor to serve Jesus. I pray that every person would be exposed to this teachings even those who are already christian it set me free after a whole decade of claiming to know Jesus.

Y.K from Johannersburg, South Africa

Coming from a roman catholic background we were not exposed to the word of God until we were born again. The word in Romans 10:17 was fulfilled in our lives by listening to Andrew Wommack . His teaching has set us free from all the bondages we were living in; and empowered us to live the life God has destined for us.

Andrew is a great blessing to those who hear him and even our son Reynaldo (who is only 8 yrs old) enjoys his teaching as it is so simple but powerful. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for AWME - we have profited so much from his teaching on the internet and we are so glad that we are able to be a part of what he is doing. I would encourage all those who see him to partner with this life changing ministry and be blessed as we are. Thank you Andrew and I pray that your ministry will fulfill all that God has planned for you.

M.V from Chennai, India

Since I started listening to the GospelTruth and then following Andrew's teachings I have come to understand the depth of what the Lord has done for us. The Grace & Faith conference was a life changing experience. Our children loved Messy Church so much, they want us to go and live there.

My two daughters both had very bad eczema on their skin. The oldest one being so severe she has been hospitalised twice owing to the infections. The frustration of not knowing what to do was gradually driving us to despair. Now I can boldly say we as a family have taken our authority , we keep speaking to the symptoms when it shows up and both of the girls skins have so improved and getting better everyday, the horrible sleepless nights of intense scratching are a thing of the past.

Praise be to the Lord who has so blessed us with such exceedingly great blessings. I love him so much. Thank you Lord and thank you Andrew Wommack ministries.

L.H from Hertfordshire, U.k

I was in a meeting Andrew held in Milan. I can never express what a blessing he is in my life. Anyway during that meeting on the last day he prayed a general prayer for all and he called that a skin disease being healed.

I had this problem for more than 10 years and since listening to his teachings I did receive my healings in various parts of my body, but on my neck I had this severe itching that had gotten worse when it is hot and sweaty.

I didn't go to the doctor because I had seen God healing me of the same case in various parts of my body but when I heard Andrew call out healing for skin disease I received that for me by faith, and now I am free! I thank God for Andrew and I really thank God for giving me such a victory. God bless you all.

G.K from Cannonica D'adda, Italy

Thank God, Just yesterday evening I agreed in prayer with a friend and simply rebuke a flu from a colleague and this morning its gone. Prior to this she believed God caused us to be sick and I had had a hard time trying to talk her out of it.

When she asked me to pray for her yesterday I asked her if she believes that God causes us to be sick and she answered she had come to believe that it's false. So together with a friend we simply thanked God because he has provided healing and given us authority over sickness and then rebuked that stuff (flu). This morning she came in just fine. Its amazing how it was so simple. Thanks to this ministry I am learning some life transforming truths.

N.L from Yaounde, Cameroon

I and my brother always said why my mom is like this. She was my enemy I felt and thought nobody can change her even if god wants it. But when I received the unconditional love of God I started to love my mom unconditionally and I forgave her what she has done in my life and I remembered her mistakes no more.

Praise God she is not only my mother but she is my best friend also. Strife in my family stopped. My father, mother, brother and I are living a decent peaceful family life. Thank You Jesus for making known His unconditional love through brother Andrew Wommack. Not only that God helped me to overcome the obstacles in my life as I have passed third year of it engineering.

I thank God that I have not wasted any of my precious year which God has given me and I am on the right way to which God has called me. Praise God he helped in my spiritual life by leading me through a local church where I can have godly fellowship, praise and worship and hear the word.

M.T from Maharashtra(mumbai), India

I have not been examined yet but the majority of my symptoms from chronic prostate problems are gone now after finally deciding to start taking authority over it. Have had prostate problems for probably around 12 to 15 years.

Thanks Andrew for showing me the full gospel and for all of your resources to help me learn to walk in it!

M.F from Gillespie, USA