Many people point to education, talent, relationships, or privilege as the secret to their success. Though these can play a role, they are not what produces promotion. Rather, promotion comes from God (Ps. 75:6-7). While God desires to promote you as His child, you determine whether you’re promoted.

You must choose to have an excellent spirit. Break out of the status quo and into God-ordained promotion with Andrew’s teaching, Excellence: How to Pursue an Excellent Spirit teaching! 

Discover what it means to have an excellent spirit and find out how you can avoid a life of mediocrity. Learn about the key characteristics of excellence and how to develop them. Once you’re walking in the truths these teachings share, it’s only a matter of time before you step right into promotion!

Improve your relationships, make excellent choices, and receive your God-ordained promotion with this ground-breaking teaching. You can order Excellence in the newly updated As-Seen-on-TV DVD album or CD album. We are also offering Andrew’s original Excellence book, and his original Live DVD album. 

Excellence: How to Pursue an Excellent Spirit individual products:

  • Excellence CD album: £13.00
  • Excellence As-Seen-on-TV DVD album: £13.00
  • Excellence Live DVD album: £13.00
  • Excellence Book: £10.00

If you're honest, you'll admit you want to be promoted in life.

Using examples from the lives of Daniel and his friends, and from his own life, Andrew outlines the key characteristics of excellence including identity in Christ, true humility, full obedience, endurance, and an uncompromising stand on God's word. In contrast, Andrew also explains the dangers of moral relativity and man-pleasing and how those characteristics often mire believers in a life of mediocrity and impotence. Personal talent, beauty, education, and intelligence are also not what produce promotion; it is a devoted relationship with God.

Price: £10.00