Lessons From Elijah

God doesn’t respond to our needs; He anticipates and creates the supply first, and we respond to Him in faith. Faith is our positive response to what He has already done.

In Andrew’s Lessons from Elijah series, airing March 2–27, learn how you can experience God’s supernatural provision for finances, anointing, influence, power, and authority— even peace and joy— which you cannot produce with merely natural efforts. You’ll learn that God is meeting all your needs, but He’s sending His supply to where He told you to be: “your place called there”. Faith and obedience are key to receiving that provision. This teaching will make these and many other profound truths real to you. 

First Corinthians 10:6 and 11 tell us that the experiences of those in the Bible were recorded for our example. Learn from them when you get the Lessons from Elijah Package. This Package is a must-have for every believer’s library.

The Lessons from Elijah Package—includes six items: 

Two paperback books: 

  • Lessons from Elijah
  • Lessons from David

Three CD or As-Seen-on-TV DVD Albums: 

  • Lessons from Elijah
  • Lessons from David
  • Lessons From Joseph

One Read the Bible in a Year plan

Price: £47.50 

Learning through experience definitely makes an impression, but isn't it better sometimes to learn from the successes and failures of others?

Looking for God's provision? Elijah dealt with that. Trying to believe God when everything in the natural is against you? Elijah dealt with that too. Battling with self-pity? Elijah faced that as well. Elijah's ministry wasn't very long, but it was packed full of life lessons that we can use today.


Book: £9.00

Study Guide: £17.50