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Lessons From Elijah

When it comes to learning hard lessons, many people learn through the school of hard knocks. We may be warned against doing something harmful or even just unhelpful, but the lesson won’t often truly stick until we learn it through trial and error. But there is good news for us as Christians! We have the Bible, so we don’t have to learn through hard knocks.

The life of Elijah is rich with examples, both good and bad, of his walk with the Lord—teaching us how to walk with the Lord ourselves in a way that makes a difference. Elijah was a prophet who made some very serious mistakes, but despite those grievous errors, God used him to present the truth in his area of influence.

In this updated teaching series from Andrew Wommack, you’ll discover that despite your past mistakes and failures, God can and will use you. Just as Elijah stood up and promoted God, you can take a stand for the Word. All you need to do is take a step of faith and watch God come through!

Lessons from Elijah package—for a gift of £55 or more (£75 retail value)

• Lessons from Elijah—book—£12

• Lessons from David—book—£12

• Lessons from Elijah—CD or as-seen-on-TV DVD series—£19

• Lessons from David—CD or as-seen-on-TV DVD series—£16

• Lessons from Joseph—CD or as-seen-on-TV DVD series—£16

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Lessons from Elijah individual products:

• Lessons from Elijah CD series—£19

• Lessons from Elijah as-seen-on-TV DVD series—£19

• Lessons from Elijah book (in English or Spanish)—£12

If you open your heart and listen, there are many lessons you can learn from Elijah. God has a plan and purpose for your life, and when you step out into it, you’ll find that God has provision in place for you to complete His work.