Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword

These teachings are some of the most important revelations Andrew has ever received from God. There are many people who claim to be born-again Christians, but who live their life contrary to biblical principles. Christianity is the only religion in the world with a Saviour, and when you receive Him into your life and accept the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you'll discover life more abundant!

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Some have even called these the Cliff Note versions of Andrew's messages. Each chapter addresses a specific topic in an abbreviated form, making it much easier to see how these truths are related and dependent upon one another. For example, if you understand the message of grace but have not balanced it with faith, neither of them will work effectively in your life. Take the time to read the book through completely to get an overview and then go back and study the suggested materials listed at the end of each chapter.

The workbook is a companion to the Sharper Than A Two-Edged Sword book. Each lesson consists of Questions, Answers, and a list of Additional Resources. As a bonus, you can download PDFs of the Questions and Additional Resources for each lesson.