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The Believer's Authority

Do you feel like a beggar pleading with a distant, angry God? Many Christians think God dictates everything, despite scriptures that show God delegating authority to man and instructing Christians to stand against the devil.

In The Believer’s Authority, Andrew challenges traditional legalistic Christianity and provides an in-depth, scriptural explanation of man’s authority, Satan’s authority, and how to apply God’s Word. God has given a tremendous amount of authority to believers in Christ, but the way spiritual authority is taught today has left many Christians feeling defeated and confused. 

The Believer’s Authority individual products:

- The Believer’s Authority book—£12

- The Believer’s Authority study guide—£19.50

- The Believer’s Authority CD series—£19

- The Believer’s Authority as-seen-on-TV DVD series—£19

- The Believer’s Authority live DVD series—£19

- The Believer’s Authority USB—£19

- La autoridad del creyente Spanish book—£12

- La autoridad del creyente Spanish study guide—£19.50

Find out what happens when you start using the power God gave you. Once you realize your spiritual authority, your life will never be the same!