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The True Nature of God

Understanding the true nature of God is foundational to having a relationship with Him. You can’t have a good, positive relationship with a person that you don’t understand, or who has been misunderstood. God has been misrepresented by the church—his own people—because they have not understood the difference between New Covenant grace and the Old Testament law. Many people mix the two together, but there is a huge difference between them.

In Andrew’s teaching The True Nature of God, you’ll discover the truth of God’s unconditional love, goodness, and grace! You’ll also learn who God really is and the importance of being in relationship with Him.

The True Nature of God individual products:

• The True Nature of God CD series—£16

• The True Nature of God DVD series—£16

• The True Nature of God book—£12

• La Verdadera Naturaleza de Dios book—£12

• Introduction to the True Nature of God booklet—FREE (limited time offer)

Would the real God please stand up? Is He the God of judgment found in the Old Testament or the God of mercy and grace found in the New? Let Andrew show you who God really is!