Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Site secure?

Yes, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layers) on our website. Even though we don't take or store credit card information on, we have still gone to every effort to make our website as safe and secure as possible.

What payment methods do you offer?

At we offer both Barclays EPDQ (Standard Credit Card Payment) and Paypal. Either one accepts major credit cards, and Paypal also accepts payments from Paypal accounts.

Both websites offer very secure payment methods. They will only ask for your credit card details once, and then (if your card issuer decrees) you will be directed to the a 3D authentication page. Fill in the form and your payment will be processed.

How long will my order take to arrive?

As soon as your order is placed, our Order and Partner Services team is alerted. After they have verified your order, it is sent to our production department who will then prepare the order and place it into the post. The whole process takes up to 2 working days. (Orders placed on the weekend won't be processed until Monday). We send most of our orders out via Royal Mail, so after your order has left our premises it will take 2-3 working days for you to receive it (for UK customers only).

Can I contact you by telephone?

Of course! We understand that some people would rather speak on the telephone to us than send an email. Our telephone lines are open weekdays from 8am to 9pm GMT. Feel free to call us on +44(0) 1922 473300 about anything - from prayer to products to order enquiries!

We'd love to hear from you.

Why should I create an account?

Creating an account with us will enable you to keep track of your orders, give you permanent access to any e-books you have downloaded - and (if you are logged in when creating an online order) your details are automatically filled out in our shopping cart!

This means that you don't have to type out your name and address each time you create an order - it is just there! You can also save multiple addresses to your account that will allow you to quickly select one when ordering. Checkout has never been so fast!