French: Healing

Jesus healed the sick and so can we. This teaching highlights common problem areas and tells us how to heal people.

FR502, Tract, French, Healing
French: Righteousness

What is righteousness? How do we get it? What happens to our righteousness when we sin?

FR501, Tract, French, Righteousness
French: Salvation

Discover why everyone needs to be saved, how God dealt with sin and what salvation includes.

FR500, Tract, French, Salvation
French: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit changed the disciples from wimps to world changers. It's available for you too!

FR503, Tract, French, Baptism of the Holy Spirit
French: Water Baptism

How? When? Why? - Is it really necessary anyway? Discover all the answers......

FR510, Tract, French, Water Baptism

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