French: Grace, The Power of the Gospel

It's not what you do, but what Christ did. Never again worry if you are meeting God's holy standard.

FR322, Book, French, Grace - The Power of the Gospel
French: Living In The Balance Of Grace And Faith

Grace and faith are often seen as opposing forces, but both are essential in our walk with the Lord.

FR328, Book, French, Living In The Balance Of Grace & Faith
French: New You

Its very important to understand what happened when you received Jesus as your Saviour.

FR317, Book, French, New You & The Holy Spirit
French: Spirit, Soul & Body

What changed when you were "born again"? The answer clarifies how much God loves you and what He says about you.

FR318, Book, French, Spirit, Soul & Body
French: The Holy Spirit

Living the abundant life that Jesus provided is impossible without the Holy Spirit.

FR316, Book, French, New You & The Holy Spirit
French: True Nature of God

What is the real nature of God? Is He harsh, or is He meek and gentle of heart?

FR308, Book, French, The True Nature Of God
French: War Is Over

We have peace with God. God's not mad, so stop struggling with sin and judgement!

FR326, Book, French, War Is Over
French: You

You've already got it

FR320, Book, French, You've Already Got It

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