How To Become A Water Walker


Three CD Album 

In this teaching, Andrew Wommack shares the faith lessons he has learned from God’s Word about walking in the miraculous will of God.

Peter was the only person that walked on water other than Jesus Christ. It was no coincidence the other disciples stayed on the boat while Peter experienced the miraculous product of faith.

While stepping out in faith is not a natural progression in our flesh, it is important that we don’t lean on our own understanding but instead follow God’s direction for our lives.

Although Peter walked on water, he was overtaken by fear and sank when he took his eyes off Jesus. Similarly, our natural thinking and unbelief will kill the miraculous. When we look to God for answers, that is where find success. If we keep our attention on Jesus, faith will dominate our lives.

Fear and panic can blind us from God’s deliverance when unbelief creeps in. Jesus will always be there in times of crisis, but we cannot be passive and expect to receive the supernatural. We need to activate our faith and authority to call out to Him for help.

Don’t let the circumstances of your storm sink you because of fear and unbelief. If you want to see the supernatural power of God in your life, step out of the boat and keep your eyes on Jesus. Take risks with God and see how your life changes. If you receive these truths, you can be a water walker too!


HT11C Be Of Good Cheer

HT12C Get Out Of The Boat

HT13C Unbelief Will Sink You

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