Better Way To Pray - CD Album


Do you ever wonder if God hears your prayers or if you’re praying effectively? You’re not alone. Many believers don’t realize there are right ways and wrong ways to pray. Prayer has been corrupted into a ritual rather than part of a close relationship with God. But prayer is one of the most powerful and precious gift we have!

In his teaching A Better Way to Pray, Andrew shows that biblical prayer is our connection to God, and through it, His blessings and power are released into our daily lives.

From this teaching, you’ll discover: 

• How to remove legalistic obstacles from your prayer life 

• The power of Jesus’ intercession for us 

• What it’s like to have constant fellowship with the Father 

• How faith-filled words connect the spiritual realm with the physical 

• And so much more! 

Format: CD 

Total Runtime: 6 Hours, 26 Minutes 

Number of Discs: 5

Year teaching was recorded: 2023


Y21C - Hypocrites Love To Pray

Y22C - Jesus Is The Only Mediator

Y23C - The Primary Purpose Of Prayer

Y24C - Speak To The Mountain

Y26C – What to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered

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