Life's 3 Most Important Questions


Three CD Album These three questions are the most important questions you will ever ask yourself. Most people have probably never written them down, but I guarantee you that every single person has pondered these in their heart and mind at some point in their life. The answers to these questions will absolutely determine what your life will become. So, it's important to answer them correctly.


K124C Where Did I Come From?

K125C Who Am I?

K126C Where Am I Going?

Where Did I Come From?  If you're a Christian, certainly you believe that God was your creator. But, for many people, it stops right there. In this teaching, Andrew's message will cause you to look at your origin and what that means from a completely different perspective. For example, if you're a creation of God, do you still have the right to determine your own future? And why is the theory of evolution so popular; does it have something to do with accountability? Andrew will answer these questions and more.

Who Am I?  The answer to this question is by far the most important of all three in regards to your spiritual and emotional well-being. How do you determine who you are? Is it by performance, success, wealth, your job, your children; what is the standard? You may be surprised at the answer. The so called "mid life crisis" never comes to those who understand this teaching.

Where Am I Going?  If you answered the first questions correctly, your answer to this question will be right as well. However, if you have never heard Andrew talk about the reality of heaven and hell, you won't want to miss this teaching. Andrew's message is always one of God's unconditional love and grace, but he addresses this subject in a way that will clear up a great deal of wrong thinking.

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