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Many Christians know very little about how to restore America to its godly heritage. But you can't restore something if you don't know what it originally was. In this newly expanded series, listen to the first three discs to discover the truth about America's rich history in Andrew's initial interview with David Barton, a leading expert in American Christian history. The next set of three discs are taken from Andrew's second interview with David four years later. This time, they reach even further back, to uncover the truth about the pilgrims and the Thanksgiving holiday. Also learn about how God used black people throughout American history to shape culture, religion, politics, and every area of society. These interviews will arm you to counteract the increasing secularization of society. You'll be inspired and challenged as you learn more about America's true roots. It's not what you learned in school.
CDs 1 - 3: The Foundation [2009]
CDs 4 - 6: Thanksgiving [2013]
CDs 7 - 10: Black History Month [2020]
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