Discipleship: The Path to Freedom


Six CD Album - recorded live at the Summer Family Bible Conference 2017 in Woodland Park, Colorado.

If you always thought believers and disciples were one and the same, you might be shocked to find out that Jesus would disagree with you. The truth He describes in John 8:31-32 reveals the reason so many believers aren’t walking in freedom. They’ve never understood that discipleship is the path to freedom. How does that work? Find out in this exciting series!

Andrew shares what it takes to become a disciple, what abiding in the Word looks like, how to triumph through hardship, and much more! 

DE16C Continue in the Word
DE17C Knowing the Truth Sets You Free
DE18C Count the Cost
DE19C Toughen Up
DE20C Love Others as Christ Loves You
DE21C The Fruit of Discipleship

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