The Power of Imagination "As Seen on TV" DVD Album


Do you struggle to receive God’s best for your life? Has the Lord called you to do something big, but you just can’t see it for yourself? Do you feel like there is more? If you have trouble believing what the Lord says about you, you need to change your perspective. Change your life by changing what you see in your heart—your imagination.

In Andrew’s teaching Believing Is Seeing: Introduction to The Power of Imagination, learn how to use your imagination to discover all that God has for you.

In this eye-opening message, you’ll learn:
• How to conceive your miracle
• The importance of meditating on the Word
• How to stir up hope
• How to see your victory

Discover the power of your imagination and remove limitations once and for all. When you do, nothing will be impossible with God!

Format: As Seen on TV DVD Album
Number of discs: 2
Number of episodes: 10
Released in: 2024
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Price per item: £8
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