Systemically Anti-Racist CD Series


You’ll be encouraged as you see how a perfect God used imperfect people to do amazing things throughout America’s history, and you’ll be reminded of many reasons to be thankful for this great nation.

In this timely message, you’ll discover

        - What the original draft of the Declaration of Independence says about slavery

        - The ways in which God-fearing Americans chose to stand up against atrocities, such as slavery

        - How God used imperfect people to accomplish amazing things in the United States of America

        - Why America is actually systemically anti-racist

        - The many reasons to be thankful for the United States.

Format: CD

Total Runtime: 4 hours 45 minutes

Number of Disks: 2 disks

TV Recording: Yes

Number of TV Show Episodes: 10

Closed Captioning Available


N20C - Systemically Anti-Racist Part 1

N21C - Systemically Anti-Racist Part 2

N22C - Systemically Anti-Racist Part 3

N23C - Systemically Anti-Racist Part 4

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