10 Reasons It’s Better to Have the Holy Spirit - CD Album


Have you ever felt like it would be easier if Jesus were right there next to you? Well, Jesus Himself said we have something better—the Holy Spirit. And having the Holy Spirit is better than having Jesus here in His physical body (John 16:7).

In this teaching, 10 Reasons It’s Better to Have the Holy Spirit, Andrew guides you step by step into a better understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, enabling you to place a value on that ministry in agreement with what the Bible teaches and to see significant growth in your walk with the Lord.

From this teaching, you’ll discover:

• Jesus lives in all born-again believers by the Holy Spirit

• When you were born again, mankind’s sinful nature was taken out of you and replaced with God’s nature

• The indwelling Spirit should be like a river flowing out of us

• The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth


H15-C - The Holy Spirit in Us / Born of the Spirit

H16-C - Revelation Knowledge/ Power

H17-C - Remembering All / Things to Come

H18-C - Holy Spirit Gifts

H19-C - Fruitfulness / Comforted to Comfort / Sin, Righteousness, Judgment

Technical features:

- Format: Audio CD

- 5 discs

- Total runtime: 5 hours

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