Healing Journeys Volume 1


These are four stories of the power of God's Word working in the lives of people. Each came to understand what God had already done for them through Jesus. They will touch your heart.
Niki Seven years ago Niki couldn't walk, feed herself, or even use the bathroom alone. Many of you have heard her miraculous story. Recently we visited her and now we want to tell you the rest of the story.
Jason The doctors couldn't help ten-month-old Jason. Even with fingernails trimmed, he still scratched so badly that he would wake in blood-covered sheets. Mom and Dad knew he needed a miracle.
Lesley & Mary Lesley and Mary's severe asthma had motivated Tom to move his wife and daughter to the dry climate of Colorado. Little did he know that God was about to work a miracle that would forever change their lives.
Hannah Only three years old, Hannah lay nearly lifeless. The feeding tube attached to her side was the only means of administering a special formula that her body was now rejecting. With only days or weeks to live, the Word of God would spark faith.
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