Healing Journeys Volume 5


Watch five people's healing journeys and see how they were overwhelmed by the goodness of God.
  • Bianca Vlastuin learned how to use God's Word to receive healing from cone-rod dystrophy.
  • Julieann Hartman developed fibromyalgia after years of repressed fear, but turned a corner after stumbling across the Gospel Truth television broadcast.
  • Amanda Bassett struggled with seizures and panic attacks, and was later diagnosed with myoclonic epilepsy. See how she learned to overcome fear once and for all through Andrew's teaching.
  • Nichole Marbach battled severe bipolar disorder and PTSD, but discovered God's kind heart to heal.
  • Trina learned how to stand on the promises of God for Alistair's healing after he fell off a roof and suffered three embolisms.

Watch the stories of how these people's lives were changed forever.
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