Healing Journeys Volume 6


Watch five people's healing journeys and see how they were overwhelmed by the goodness of God.
  • Grade 5 brain aneurysmWhen the doctor said that Gina would not be leaving the hospital alive, her husband Bud responded, " Those are great facts, but Jesus Christ paid for her healing 2,000 years ago."
  • Lupus, causing renal and heart failure: With her organs shutting down and the doctors losing hope on her survival,
    Racquel and her husband, Herman, moved across the country to sit under the teaching of the Word at Charis Bible College.
  • Blunt force trauma and severed femoral artery: With her husband, Scott, in a coma, Diane spent months fighting off the spirit of death by proclaiming God’s Word that he would not lose his leg or his life.
  • Bowel obstruction: Instead of listening to the surgeons urging her to get an operation, Pat listened to the still, small voice telling her that God had already provided her healing
  • Acetabular and pelvic fracturesWhen doctors told Angie that her husband, Al, would need extensive surgery and would not be able to walk correctly for up to a year, her response was " My God can heal my husband without surgery"

Witness the impossible through these amazing real-life stories.

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