Healing Journeys Volume 7


Watch five people's healing journeys and see how they were overwhelmed by the goodness of God.

  • Fed up with Lyme’s disease and mysterious symptoms, Maren went to Healing School in a wheelchair and began walking after hearing that God wanted her well.
  • Fed up with their little boy living on kidney dialysis, the Akins focused on God’s promises until their son’s kidneys were completely healed.
  • Fed up with the limitations of brain damage, Donna listened to Andrew’s teachings over and over until she got the revelation that instead of brain damage, she had the mind of Christ.
  • Fed up with the life-threatening symptoms of Yellow Fever, Johan stood on the scriptures he learned at Charis to receive a healing so miraculous, he was asked to share his testimony at a medical convention.
  • Fed up with the overwhelming pain caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Cindy watched all of our Healing Journeys until the breakthrough she witnessed became her own.

Witness the impossible through these amazing real-life stories.

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