Believer's Authority - Live DVD


Do you feel like a beggar pleading with a distant, angry God? Many Christians think God dictates everything, despite scriptures that show God delegating authority to man and instructing Christians to stand against the devil.

In The Believer’s Authority, Andrew challenges traditional legalistic Christianity and provides an in-depth, scriptural explanation of man’s authority, Satan’s authority, and how to apply God’s Word.

This teaching will help you discover:
- where your authority comes from and how to use it;
- how to recognize the spiritual battle and stop being passive;
- the impact of your choices, words, and actions; and
- how to combat the devil’s lies and overcome.

Format: DVD - Live
Recorded: Recorded live at the Atlanta March 2009 Gospel Truth Seminar
Total Run Time: 8 hours 59 minutes
Number of Disks: 5 disks

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