Healing (MP3 USB Drive)


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Andrew's teaching on Healing in MP3 format.
Over 43 hours of related teachings on healing are included in this simple, easy-to-use USB stick. That's £124 worth of teaching now available for only £60. Use it, share it, give it to a friend or loved one.

Teachings Included:
  • God Wants You Well (4 teachings)
  • You've Already Got It! (6 teachings)
  • How to Receive a Miracle (3 teachings)
  • How to Flow in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (3 teachings)
  • Spirit, Soul & Body (4 teachings)
  • A Better Way to Pray (5 teachings)
  • How to Receive God's Best (5 teachings)
  • Creative Power of Words (single)
  • The Tongue I (single)
  • The Tongue II (single)
  • The Death in Others? Words (single)
  • Healing Scriptures (single)
  • Niki's Healing Testimony (single)
  • Lisa Paxton's Testimony (single)
  • What to Do When Your Prayers Seem Unanswered (single)
  • Grace & Faith & Healing @ Shepherd's House, TX (single)
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