God’s Road to Financial Freedom (Hard Cover) - Billy Epperhart


The average American household earns $79,000 but faces a staggering $145,000 in debt! Concerns about money and the future can weigh you down and make it difficult to pursue the calling of God. Jesus warned about being a slave to money, but that isn’t just for the ultra-rich. Anyone can be consumed by their finances. But you don’t have to be! Financial freedom can be achieved if you learn how.

In his book God’s Road to Financial Freedom, AWM and Charis CEO, former pastor, investor, and serial entrepreneur Billy Epperhart shares the truth about freedom from financial worry and strategies for building wealth and security.

In this teaching, you’ll discover:

• Nine steps to get out of debt

• How to accelerate your passive income through investing

• Seven attitudes you need to excel

• God-given tools to make money work for you

Format: Book (Hardcover)

Number of Pages: 160

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