Grace + Faith Conference 2019


Recorded live at Grace + Faith 2019! With speakers Andrew Wommack, Duane Sheriff & Wendell Parr.

Andrew Wommack spoke on our Identity, covering the topics of

  • Who we are without Christ
  • Who we are with Christ (in the Spirit)
  • True nature of God
Duane Sheriff spoke on "The Cycle of Grace & Faith" - 4 rhythms that work in tandem with each other in our relationship with Christ in the midst of a storm:
  • Seeking God - seeking God for who He is and focusing on Him
  • Seeing - Faith sees; seeing only what God sees, only what the word says
  • Saying - Say what you pray and praying the right way; words paint a picture on our hearts
  • Standing - Learning to stand until you see the full manifestation
Wendell Parr spoke on encouraging ourselves in the Lord, emphasising the following points:
  • Looking back - seeing what God has done
  • Looking forward - seeing His promises fulfilled
  • Look up - Keeping your eyes on Jesus
  • Looking within - We are partakers of His divine nature, Spirit-Soul-Body
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