Are you looking for something more in life but don't know what it is? Do you feel like something is missing? Watch five true stories of ordinary people whose lives were completely transformed in the pursuit of their destinies. These people-of different ages and from various backgrounds-had one thing in common: They longed to know their purpose in life. If that describes you, be encouraged as you watch them uncover and walk out God's plan for their lives. You'll be empowered to discover and fulfill your destiny too. Also, see how one piece of property was destined for the purposes of God-for Charis Bible College!

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Code Name Type Language Price
3006D Destiny Stories Volume 1 DVD Single EnglishEnglish £10
3015D Destiny Stories Volume 2 DVD Single EnglishEnglish £10
3016D Grace Encounters DVD Single EnglishEnglish £13
3018D Destiny Stories Volume 3 DVD Single EnglishEnglish £10
8226D Destiny Stories Volume 1 (Foundation Builders Special Edition) with Four Additional Stories DVD Single EnglishEnglish £10
Total £53