Don't Limit God: Twenty Years Later

You have an image on the inside of you of who you are and what you can do. That image is also a ceiling, or limit, on what God can do in your life. It may shock you to learn that the limits you have placed on Him are directly proportional to how you see yourself. If you’re not prospering, if you’re not receiving healing, if your relationships are not working, the first thing you need to do is change how you imagine yourself on the inside. Andrew’s latest teaching, Don’t Limit God: Twenty Years Later, will help!

Andrew explains how twenty years ago, he found out he was limiting what God could do through him. He responded by changing the image he had of himself, and it powerfully impacted his life and ministry. How did Andrew do it? The answer will help you take the limits off God in your life too! What He did for Andrew, He will do for you.

Learn how your imagination is much more important than you may have ever realized. It’s how you think, how you meditate, how you understand, and how you remember things. You really can’t do anything without an imagination, let alone do what God can do through you. Start seeing yourself the way God sees you and take the limits off God today!

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Audio Teachings for Don't Limit God: Twenty Years Later

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 1 20 Years of Increase 1:16:00 0 B
 2 The Ways We Limit God - Part 1 1:03:56 0 B
 3 The Ways We Limit God - Part 2 58:52 0 B
 4 Cultivating an Unlimited Imagination 1:18:28 0 B
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