Most people desire promotion, but not everyone receives it.
Does that describe you? The Scriptures show that an excellent spirit is what got Daniel and his friends promoted. In your job, your church, or whatever situation, you can position yourself for promotion. With this teaching, you will learn what it means to pursue an excellent spirit. You can choose to have an excellent spirit. Go beyond your natural talents and abilities today!

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1089C Excellence CD Album EnglishEnglish £13
1089D Excellence DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3226D Excellence DVD Live EnglishEnglish £13
343 Excellence - How To Pursue An Excellent Spirit Book  EnglishEnglish £10
343E Excellence - How To Pursue An Excellent Spirit eBook (pdf) PDF  EnglishEnglish £5
CS13C Identity CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
CS14C Humility CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
CS15C Don't Compromise CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
CS16C Be Bold CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
Total £66

Audio Teachings for Excellence

Track Title Length Size
 1 Identity 1:15:25 25.9 MB
 2 Humility 48:10 16.6 MB
 3 Don't Compromise 1:03:57 22 MB
 4 Be Bold 28:57 10 MB
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