Grace & Faith

Each year, Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe is proud to host the Grace & Faith Family Conference in the UK.  

Every year Andrew delivers the word along with a guest speaker, and every year we see powerful healings, testimonies and the Word of God active in people's lives.  You can buy the past year's DVDs here.

Of course, you are most welcome to come and experience Grace & Faith for yourself! You can find out more at

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Expanded Product List

Code Name Type Language Price
1637C Grace + Faith 2016 CD Album EnglishEnglish £20
1637D Grace + Faith 2016 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £20
1639C Grace + Faith Conference 2017 CD Album EnglishEnglish £20
1639D Grace + Faith Conference 2017 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £20
1639U Grace + Faith Conference 2017 USB Album EnglishEnglish £20
1641C Grace + Faith Conference 2018 CD Album EnglishEnglish £20
1641D Grace + Faith Conference 2018 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £20
1641U Grace + Faith Conference 2018 USB Album EnglishEnglish £20
Total £160