Harnessing Your Emotions

We all have emotions, but do they rule us or do we rule them? Psychologists and Christians alike agree that actions are the result of inner thoughts and feelings, emotions. But that is where the agreement ends. The Word says that sin is conceived in our emotions. If that is true, then the Word must also give us a way to harness our emotions. Andrew's teaching will present you with a new perspective on emotions

Sin Is Emotional
This teaching reveals that positive emotions are not optional. God commands us to take control of our emotions. In fact, sin is conceived in our emotions. A person who doesn't master their emotions is a person who cannot overcome sin.

Psychology Vs. Christianity
Psychology and Christianity agree that our actions are the results of inner thoughts and feelings. But that is where the agreement ends. Psychology doesn't recognize the power of God to change us and release us from past hurts. And psychology places the blame for our problems on others, making people victims instead of victors. Christianity teaches us to accept responsibility for our actions. Regardless of what happens to us, we have the choice to become bitter or better. Jesus can heal us of anything that hurts and thereby make all things new.

Self-esteem Vs. Christ-esteem
Emotions are a result of how we think. A person who has low self-esteem is going to be depressed. But how does this square with the statements of God's Word about denying ourselves and becoming nothing in our own sight before God can use us? The answer lies in Christ-esteem, not self-esteem. Our born-again self is the only part of us that we need to esteem. Anything less is destined to fail.

Identity In Christ
We need to analyze, then identify with the new self that we have become in Christ. This teaching will give you a look at who you are in Christ that very few Christians have seen. This is life-changing and one of the major keys to a victorious life in Christ.

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