Christ's atonement paid the price for our sins. But he did much more than provide for forgiveness of sins.

Hear teaching on the subject of healing as well as testimonies of many who chose to lay hold of the truth about healing.

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3002D Niki Ochenski's Healing DVD DVD  EnglishEnglish £10
3005D Healing Journeys Volume 1 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3008D Healing Journeys Volume 2 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3009D Healing Journeys Volume 3 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3012D Healing Journeys Volume 4 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3014D Healing Journeys Volume 5 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3017D Healing Journeys Volume 6 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
3020D Healing Journeys Volume 7 DVD Album EnglishEnglish £13
502 Healing Tract  EnglishEnglish 25p
7010 Healing (MP3 USB Drive) USB  EnglishEnglish £60
I05C Healing Scriptures CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
M199C Grace & Faith In Healing (The Shepherd's House Church ) CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
M203C What To Do When It Seems You're Not Healed Part 1 CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
M204C What To Do When It Seems You're Not Healed Part 2 CD Single EnglishEnglish £3
FR502 French: Healing Tract  FrenchFrench 25p
GE502 German: Healing Tract  GermanGerman 25p
IT502 Italian: Healing Tract  ItalianItalian 25p
Total £174