How To Flow In The Gifts

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are some of the greatest benefits of the Christian life. They enable us to reach out to others with supernatural ability.

The Importance Of The Gifts
Jesus used the gifts of the Holy Spirit like a bell to call people to Him and His message. He pointed to the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit flowing through Him as verification of who He was. The first-century Christians also used the gifts of the Holy Spirit to validate the truth of their claims. If Jesus and the early disciples needed the gifts, how can we possibly do without them? This is the reason that our modern proclamation of the gospel, without the gifts, has not had the same impact on our society that the early Christians had in their day.

The Lord Is Always "On"
The thinking that the anointing comes and goes causes us to be spasmodic in flowing in the gifts. The truth is that the Lord is always seeking to flow through us in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It's only our perception of His presence and anointing that fluctuates. Whenever we turn on and tune in, God is already transmitting His love towards others, and we can be the channel He works through.

The Divine Flow
God is love. Whenever we sense the divine flow of His love through us, there will always be a gift of the Spirit available to minister that love. Therefore, follow and flow in the "agape" love of God, and you will flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.