How To Follow God's Will

You have found God's will for your life - now what? What if you learnt that following His will can be as easy as following your heart's desires? Discover how in this enlightening message. This is the second teaching in a series of three.

Following The Desires Of Your Heart
Wouldn't it be great if fulfilling your destiny just meant following your heart, going anywhere, and doing anything you want? You may be surprised to learn that's exactly the way God wants it.

Moses Missed God's Timing
Knowing God's will is not enough. As you will learn in this message, Moses knew God's will and plan but proceeded to accomplish it in his own strength and timing. Don't make the same mistake.

The Rod Of God
The Bible called the stick that Moses carried "the rod of God" But there is more to the story than the fact that it changed from a stick to a snake and back again. It holds a key to following God's will. Don't miss this message.

Follow The Peace
What exactly is the peace of God? How do we follow it, and how do we separate what we perceive as peace from our own selfish desires? These are a few of the questions Andrew answers in this message.

The Wisdom Of God In A Mystery
Is there a way to know the hidden wisdom of God? Is it a mystery that we can never fully understand until we get to heaven? Maybe not. Learn why in this message that will change the way you see God.

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