God's kingdom operates on a different system than the world's. Society today operates in a lot of selfishness and pride. So many people are promoting themselves above others to get ahead in life. All of this is completely contrary to the Word of God!

It says in Matthew 11:29 that Jesus was "meek and lowly in heart." In this teaching, Andrew will show you what the Word of God has to say about humility and its connection to grace. God can't make you humble; humility is something you have to choose (James 4:10). Learn how to do that today!

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Audio Teachings for Humility

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 0 Compressed Archive Download - 143.2 MB
 1 God Resists the Proud - Part I 1:18:05 26.8 MB
 2 God Resists the Proud - Part I 1:17:17 26.6 MB
 3 Humility Means Dependence on God 41:01 14.1 MB
 4 Give God the Glory 1:17:22 26.6 MB
 5 Pride and Anger 1:17:22 26.6 MB
 6 Faith and Humility 1:15:53 26.1 MB
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